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About 5 million Canadians work from home. And a recent survey suggests nearly 80% prefer remote work at least a few days per week. While working remotely has many benefits, including saving commuting time and allowing for greater flexibility, it can also create feelings of isolation for some team members. Help your remote staff feel connected and happy with employee engagement gifts to show they’re a valued part of the organization.


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Remote employee gift ideas they’ll treasure

  1. Apparel for the perfect work-from-home uniform
  2. Home office essentials
  3. Cool gifts to help them unwind
  4. Wellness items for feeling good

Apparel for the perfect work from home uniform


The average Canadian household spends about $3,300 on clothing and accessories per year.


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Branded apparel makes the perfect remote employee gift not only because it helps staff save money on a traditional work wardrobe, but also because it gives them a chance to display their company pride with style. A sweatshirt, pullover or lightweight hoodie imprinted with your organization’s logo is comfortable enough for the couch, while still polished enough for video meetings. Host a virtual fashion show by asking remote staff to submit their OOTD—outfit of the day—selfies and enter everyone who participates into a prize draw for remote employee appreciation gifts, like a soft jersey T-shirt, pair of joggers or a cap.

Home office essentials

90% of workers report being more productive at home than at the office, which can translate to major accomplishments for your team.

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Choose gifts for remote employees that can help them improve their efficiency even more. A USB hub puts all the devices they need at their fingertips, while a mouse and wireless charging mouse pad ensure that the rest of the team is just a click away. Want to help your remote staff deck out their home office? Send a tech organizer filled with wireless ear buds, a webcam cover and video light, a computer duster and a stylus pen cleaner combo. Throw in a gift card to an office supply store to help them stay stocked up on office supply basics, and they’ll be ready for anything.

Cool gifts to help employees unwind

One fun benefit of remote work is the ability to take a “bizcation,” when remote staff incorporate their work responsibilities into their vacation plans. Whether your employee is working from their home or a tropical vacation destination, remote employee gift ideas that help them unwind and relax are sure to be appreciated. A cooler or picnic blanket are perfect for employees who enjoy hitting the beach, park or trails, while a beach towel and tumbler will appeal to staff who prefer relaxing at the pool. Better yet, send a survey to your team to learn about their favourite activities and select gifts to match. Remote employee appreciation gift ideas might include VR glasses, golf balls or a card and dice set.

Wellness gifts for feeling good

Flexible work options, including working from home, have shown to improve employee work-life balance and satisfaction.

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If you’re looking for ways to help your team members be their best, consider wellness-focused gifts for remote employees. A yoga mat or fitness mat is helpful for stretching, calisthenics or calming morning meditation, while a fitness slider disc set or jump rope are perfect for an intense workout. Want to encourage healthy habits? Send a gift bag with an infuser bottle, massage ball and a journal with pen set loaded with inspiring messages to keep them motivated.

Bring staff together with employee engagement gifts for remote workers

Show your remote team that you appreciate their hard work and dedication with employee engagement gifts to keep them connected.