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| Updated: July 02, 2020 2 min read

Like a good bottle of wine, client relationships improve with time. Perhaps that’s why wine is such a popular customer appreciation gift. When you want to celebrate a milestone with a favorite contact, a business gift basket that contains a nice bottle of wine, promotional wine accessories and other goodies is sure to uncork some goodwill for your business.


Make your mark

One common challenge at parties is keeping track of drinks. Solve that issue creatively with the Wine Glass Marker Set. Write each person’s name on a glass as they arrive at your event or allow them to make their own original mark. Your logo appears on the case, which holds the included aqua, red, gold and silver markers.

Wine Glass Marker Set

These promotional wine accessories are a perfect sponsorship giveaway for a charitable wine tasting or dinner event.


Share a (stemless) glass

Stemless Wine Glasses make a great addition to any business gift basket. They are easy to store and are less likely to break because of their sturdy design.

Stemless Wine Glass

Ideal for events and picnics, these promotional wine glasses serve everyone well when handed out as party favors.


Choose a toast-able tote

The Jute Single Bottle Wine Tote is a reusable bag that will keep a bottle of wine safe while in transport.

Jute Single Bottle Wine Tote

This tote works well as a gift bag at a wine or dinner-themed occasion. Or dress up a bottle of wine and add a pop of color to your gift basket.


Raise a glass to a great customer

When it comes to celebrating milestones, a business gift basket with a bottle of vino, promotional wine glasses and fun accessories, is sure to have your clients raising to a glass to your brand.

Suzanne Worwood
Suzanne Worwood

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