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| Updated: October 06, 2022

Webcam privacy is a more prevalent topic than ever because technology is everywhere. People from all walks of life—including Facebook® founder Mark Zuckerberg and former FBI director James Comey—have been seen covering their webcams.

Cameras are now part of nearly every computer, tablet and smartphone, so customers and employees are likely carrying uncovered cameras just about everywhere. With the help of promotional webcam covers, you can help protect their privacy and peace of mind.


Keeping information under cover

The classic Webcam Privacy Cover offers a practical solution at a budget-friendly price.

Webcam Privacy Cover | 4imprint promotional webcam covers.

This tech giveaway item attaches to devices with adhesive strips. The cover easily slides aside when your customers or employees want to use their cameras and slides back to protect their privacy.

With a variety of colors to choose from, these promotional webcam covers are perfect eye-catching giveaways at trade show booths or other events.


Covers with an extra twist

If you want your promotional webcam covers to pull double duty, these covers provide privacy along with some extra features.

The Privacy Camera Cover with Screen Cleaner keeps their camera hidden and has a built-in screen cleaner to wipe away smudges and fingerprints.

Privacy Camera Cover with Screen Cleaner.

Need a tech giveaway with personality? The MopTopper Webcam Security Cover is a cover and screen cleaner mixed with a bit of silliness. And everyone will be drawn to the Clipster Webcam Privacy Cover, thanks to its googly eyes. Both are practical and memorable gifts that are sure to grab attention—and laughs!

MopTopper Webcam Security Cover.Clipster Webcam Privacy Cover| 4imprint promotional webcam cover giveaways.


Tech tattoos for convenient ease

Webcam Spy Blocker Tattoos let your logo protect your customers’ and employees’ privacy.

Webcam Spy Blocker Tattoos | 4imprint promotional webcam covers are great techy promotional items.

Each sheet contains 16 decals of varying sizes that can be placed over the camera to block it. The decals are repositionable and can be removed and reused as needed. Decals are a quick and easy way to cover all their personal and professional devices. They make great additions to new-hire bags or customer mailers.


Keep their info under wraps with promotional webcam covers

As the number of camera-equipped devices continues to grow, maintaining privacy is certain to become more critical. These promotional webcam covers will remind your employees and customers that you’ve got them covered when it comes to privacy.

Michelle Banks

Michelle Banks

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