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| Updated: October 25, 2023 5 min read

Setting goals is an important step for any business, but it can be especially helpful for marketing. According to research from Coschedule, marketers who set goals are 377% more successful than those who do not. Make your marketing goals a reality when you pair them with complementary promotional product ideas.

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Promotional product ideas to help reach marketing goals

  1. Giveaways to build brand awareness
  2. Gifts to gain new followers
  3. Promos to push sales
  4. Items to improve customer relationships

Best giveaways to build brand awareness

Building brand awareness is a goal that pays off. After all, 79% of Canadians will pay more for brands they know and trust. That means the more familiar your customers are with your company, its products and/or services, the more likely they are to spend their dollars with you.

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Choosing the best giveaway items to increase brand awareness is key to getting in front of more eyes. To grow your impressions, outfit your staff in T-shirts, hoodies or hats customized with your logo at community events, trade shows or when they’re out and about. Opening a location in a new neighbourhood? Send postcards to residents or hang flyers at the local community centre promoting your new location. Better yet, invite them to swing by for a tour. Sweeten the deal by offering a gift, like a shopping tote, to anyone who stops in. Consider introducing yourself to other local businesses in the area too. And leave them a little something to remember you by. Choose marketing swag ideas that will be put to good use, like custom pens and TaskRight® Sticky Pads. Recipients will love being surprised with a thoughtful giveaway, and your logo will be front and centre every time they jot down a quick note.

Gifts to gain new followers

It’s no secret that social media has changed the face of business. Growing your social media presence can expand your brand’s reach and drive web conversions. And leveraging user-generated content is an effective way to do it. In fact, brands that include user-generated content, such as customer testimonials or tagged posts, see 29% higher conversions than brands that don’t.


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Inspire friends and followers to engage with, post about and review your brand using marketing giveaway ideas that social media users are sure to love. Send customers a gift with their orders, such as a sticker, silicone wristband or Roadside Multi-Tool Keychain. Include a card imprinted with your social media handles and a brand hashtag suggestion. Are there influencers or local figures that might be interested in reviewing your products or posting about your services? Send them a kit to help. Suggest promotional item ideas like a swappable PopSockets® phone grip, Ring Light Clip or Photo Booth Kit, and a handwritten note asking for a mention. Offer a contest with prizes—like vacuum insulated water bottles or a lunch cooler tote—for followers who share your brand’s posts. Then watch your reach grow.

Promos to push sales

Does your brand have a goal to grow sales? There are countless strategies and marketing giveaway ideas to help make it happen. Cold-calling can be a powerful technique to boost your business: Organizations that use this strategy experience 42% more growth (PDF) than companies that don’t.

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When speaking to new prospects on the phone, offer a thank-you gift for their time. An imprinted knit beanie/toque, Wireless Charger Hub or aluminum water bottle would be a good choice. Attend industry trade shows or local markets, and be prepared with samples of your products plus the best giveaway items to gain attention, such as branded cotton or canvas tote bags to hold their purchases. Interested in re-engaging previous customers? Offer to enrol them in your VIP loyalty program, and when they do, offer rewards like a sweatshirt, tea and coffee mug or free shipping for their future purchases.

Items to improve customer relationships

Your customers are one of your company’s top priorities, so setting goals to effectively manage your relationship with them makes sense. And doing so pays dividends too. For every $1 spent on improving customer relationships, your company’s return on investment can amount to approximately $8.71.

Whether you’re looking to improve customer service, incorporate more feedback or elicit positive word of mouth, customer-focused marketing goals are easier to achieve with the right promotional giveaway ideas. Has a customer reached out to you with a question or concern? Show them that you’re grateful for the chance to help with thank-you gifts, such as a Little Paw Dog, drawstring sportpack or bento lunch set. Need customers’ perspectives on a new product launch or feature? Send a survey and follow up with a 7-in-1 golf tool or mini s’mores kit for those who complete it. You’ll win their loyalty—and attain your goals—with these smart marketing swag ideas.

Promotional product ideas to complement your business goals

From eye-catching apparel to practical tech gifts, these promotional product ideas will help put your marketing goals within reach.



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