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| Updated: October 25, 2023 5 min read

Transitioning to a new role can be exciting—and challenging. Taking time to help your new hires feel welcome and comfortable will pay dividends. Employees are more likely to feel satisfied with their roles if they feel a sense of belonging, which can lead to a more cohesive team and improved workplace productivity over time. Help ease the transition with new-hire swag ideas to show them how excited you are to have them join the team.

New-hire swag ideas your team will love

  1. Apparel and accessories
  2. Bags and totes
  3. Tech gadgets
  4. Home office supplies

Apparel and accessories are the perfect fit

According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, 3 out of the 5 most influential promo products are apparel items (PDF).


Outdoor scene with people wearing branded hats, coats and hoodies.


Apparel and accessories can help your recent hires represent their new company and feel a sense of camaraderie with their new colleagues.

Outerwear, like a soft-shell jacket, fleece jacket or waterproof jacket, will help keep them cozy and protected from the elements. Activewear, like a stretch 1/2-zip pullover, performance sport polo or pair of jogger pants will keep them comfortable for a hike through the park or on a busy afternoon working from home. For more special occasions, a poplin shirt, V-neck cardigan or cardigan with pockets gives new team members a polished look. Or fill a welcome gift bag with a cap or beanie and a pair of imprinted socks with a handwritten note expressing your excitement to have them join the team.

Bags and totes they’re sure to keep

The global bags and luggage market was valued at approximately $140 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow to $171 billion by 2025.


People at an airport carrying branded bags, duffels and backpacks.


Backpacks, luggage and tote bags are useful promotional items that employees will reach for again and again. Will your new employee travel for work? A Wheeled Duffel or duffel backpack are perfect to stow belongings in the car or on a plane. Pack a travel pouch and travel gift set inside for the perfect new-hire welcome gift idea. Does your new employee commute? A backpack or tote bag will help them keep supplies organized when shuttling between work and home. Include a travel tumbler and gift card for a favorite local coffee shop for the perfect corporate giveaway idea to make them feel welcome.

Tech giveaway ideas that will keep them connected

Technology plays a big role in workers’ lives, now more than ever. There are more than 27 billion internet-connected devices worldwide, which is more than three per person.


People on various devices in an office setting.


Your new team members will likely use a variety of devices, including a laptop or desktop computer, smartphone and even wearable technology, like a smartwatch, to help them accomplish their work tasks. Tech giveaways to help them stay connected are among the most useful promotional items. Consider putting together a gift basket with a wireless charger, charging set and folding wall charger to keep their devices juiced up. A screen cleaner with microfiber cloth or microfiber screen cleaner keeps their views unobstructed, while a webcam cover and light will protect their privacy and have them looking their best. Tuck everything inside a tech organizer or Fold Up Tech Organizer for a gift they’ll be sure to appreciate.

Home office supplies to help them stay organized

According to Gallup®, about 56% of employees say their job can be done from home.

A woman working from home with her cat.


With more businesses building remote or hybrid work into their long-term business plan, get employees started on the right track with new-hire gift ideas to outfit their home office. Basic office supplies, like a notebook and pen set, desk kit and binder portfolio, will help keep them on task. A metal pen and mechanical pencil set imprinted with your brand’s logo, plus an office supply pouch or desk clock with pen cup are corporate giveaway ideas that look perfect in any office. As an added bonus, include a fun stress reliever in the shape of a pencil or a fidget block to keep their hands busy during meetings or phone calls. They’ll be glad they decided to sign up with your company with these practical new-hire welcome gift ideas.

New-hire swag ideas to welcome your latest talent

From stylish apparel to helpful tech and home office accessories, your new staff members will feel like part of the team in no time with these new-hire swag ideas.



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