4imprint, LLC

| Updated: November 03, 2021

It’s Customer Service Week and each year we schedule some fun things around the office to celebrate the work that our 4imprint customer service team does to serve our customers. This year’s theme is around being service “heroes,” so we went with a superhero theme.

But as always, our incredible Facilities Crew was not satisfied with just posters or decorations (although we have some good ones!). I offer the picture below as evidence—this is how you were greeted today if you work at 4imprint! These guys work very hard to help us make 4imprint a special place to work and they’re always up for having some fun along the way to celebrate accomplishments, recognize holidays, or just bring a smile.

Well done, 4imprint customer service team! It definitely brought some smiles today—and reminded me I need to work on my abs.

superhero theme for customer service week