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| Updated: January 05, 2021

As people get older, their engagement in work-related learning opportunities declines. According to Statistics Canada, by the time workers are age 55 and older, just one in three is interested in education that could advance their career.


1 in 3 employees over age 55 engage in professional development.


However, when employers provide engaging learning opportunities in a comfortable environment, people of all ages are more likely to get involved in job training.


Make presentations fun and memorable

A successful presentation that is both fun and interesting relies on audience engagement. So, the focus of the presentation should be on the audience, not the presenter.


The focus of every good presentation is the audience, not the presenter.


Change the focus of a presentation with a surefire way to get everyone involved: games. Using training giveaways as a participation incentive will increase participation. Once the fun begins, everyone will forget that they’re learning. Try one of these ideas for incorporating games into any learning presentation.


Scavenger hunt

Begin your presentation by handing out lists of words or ideas that will appear in your presentation. Ask the audience to note when they hear each word or phrase on the list. For example, a safety training may include phrases such as, “bend at the knees” and “watch for wet floors.” When listeners hear or see these phrases, they can make a note, tallying up their total at the end. Keep them on their toes by including a few trick answers that don’t actually appear in the presentation.

Scavenger hunts are not only engaging; they also help employees retain what they are learning. You can add a team-building aspect by dividing the audience into groups. At the end of the game, the team with the most correct answers receives a training gift. Tech products, such as power banks or phone stands, that can be used at home or the office are popular choices. The Vibrant Flashlight Power Bank is a charger and flashlight in one, making it especially useful if the power is out. For taking notes on a smartphone, the Cell Phone Stand with Stylus keeps devices at the perfect angle.


Rely on the classics

Two truths and a lie is a classic ice-breaker. In the game, participants say two things about themselves that are true and one that is a lie. The other players have to guess which statement isn’t true. Turn this into an engaging presentation game by providing two truths and a lie about the content being taught. Set a timer to ring every 10 minutes during your presentation. When the buzzer rings, ask participants to guess the lie. The two truths and lie that are presented can be related to the material taught in the previous 10 minutes.

Similar to the scavenger hunt, two truths and a lie is a fun way to ensure that participants stay engaged throughout the whole presentation. It can also give them something to look forward to, as they know every 10 minutes—or whatever interval you choose—there will be a fun break.


When the audience anticipates game breaks, they're more likely to engage with the content.


You can motivate listeners to participate by entering them into a prize draw for training giveaways. Choose a prize that can be used outside of the office, such as the 4 Person Rolling Picnic Set. This kit comes with a large cooler, serviceware for four, a wine cooler and salt and pepper shakers. Your training will be fondly remembered at every picnic. Another exciting giveaway option is the Hammock with Cooler. This lounger can be set up in a backyard to unwind after a long day or taken on the go to relax anywhere.


A twist on trivia

Everyone loves a good game of trivia! Keep all eyes on the trainer by including interesting trivia questions during the presentation. The questions can be related to your learning material or be random facts. Either way, be sure to choose a theme, such as movies, music, sports, food or more. You could even come with options for several themes and ask the audience which one they would most enjoy. Just make sure you wait until the end of the presentation to reveal the answers.

Hand out journals and pens that can be used to write down trivia answers. The Fabrizio Journal Combo includes an 80-page notebook and a sleek pen. Thanks to the stylish design and business card slot, recipients will want to use this notebook long after your presentation is over. With a pen, bookmark and notepad, the Savvy Slim Notebook with Pen is another practical training gift. The journal has faux-leather covers that protect it from wear and tear.


Become everyone’s favorite presenter

Using these games, along with training giveaways, will make any presentation more enjoyable. Not only will participants be more engaged, they will also look forward to any future opportunities to participate in your learning sessions. Let the games begin!


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