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| Updated: April 20, 2022

This blog post was originally published in January 2018 and has since been modified to incorporate updated research and corporate team-building gifts.

Team building provides staff members with the tools and strategies needed to work together effectively, make better decisions and resolve business issues. It also creates a positive company culture and can help take the collective knowledge of your employees to the next level. If engaging employees through team building is on your radar, encourage participation while showing appreciation with these tips and corporate team-building gifts.

Team building provides an opportunity for employees to socialize outside of work. And when team members socialize, it can improve communication by more than 50%.

Two employees giving each other a high-five.

What’s more, team building aims to build relationships. And when management and employees have healthy, positive work relationships, retention improves. To reap these benefits plus more, keep reading for helpful team-building tips.


Impress your staff with these corporate team building gifts

When selecting team building giveaways, make sure the items represent your brand (and the team building activity itself) and are helpful to your audience. The more practical the team-building gift, the more likely it is to be used. Plus, a quality item has a much longer shelf life. In fact, one of the top three reasons people keep a promo product is because it’s useful.

Man in a shirt with a logo holding laptop.


Create a unified look with team-building apparel

Activities are more fun with team uniforms. Clothe your crew in branded apparel to give a cohesive, professional look that creates a sense of unity. The Coal Harbour Performance Polo in both men’s and ladies styles is practical, stylish and comes in a variety of colours to complement your brand. Pair it with the Crossland™ Fleece Jacket in men’s and ladies’ for a coordinated look that shows off your company logo.


Encourage team activities outside of work

An increasing number of companies are choosing team-bonding events and activities to help staff get to know each other more personally. This can help teams better understand each other’s strengths, weaknesses and interests. It can also improve collaboration, leading to better outcomes on future projects.

A great way to encourage team bonding is through fitness. Sponsor an employee fitness challenge where teams compete in run/walks, cross-fit or another fitness activity. Show your support with Dash Wireless Ear Buds for each participant. These wireless ear buds are just what they need to start their fitness challenge off on the right foot.


Celebrate staff success with team building promotional items

Celebrate key team milestones, like the successful completion of a project, with a celebration. Commemorating the event is not only a great motivator. It shows team members that their hard work paid off. Select a team-building giveaway to show your appreciation. For example, a USB Swing Drive or Ridge Line 3-in-1 Cable Pouch for successfully completing a tech-based project. Or a Plant in a Full-Colour Box as a thank-you for growing sales.


Give the gift of humour with funny team building giveaways

Sometimes, laughter is the best medicine. It’s a great way to reduce stress, build trust and inspire creative thinking. Research shows that humour also is a way to relieve tension in the workplace. People who can laugh in response to conflict tend to shift from convergent thinking, where they can only see one solution, to divergent thinking, where multiple ideas are considered. The Wacky Mood Maniac Stress Wobbler or Jumbo MopTopper Desk Pen make fantastic gifts that will also give your team a good chuckle.


Easily motivate and bond your team

These tips, coupled with corporate team-building gifts, will help encourage participation in your next activity. With team-building promotional items that reflect your employees and your company’s culture, your next event is sure to have an impact. Read more about how you can measure your company’s culture.