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| Updated: May 19, 2021

What girl doesn’t get a little giddy when she sees glitter? Glitter literally lights up a room. Sparkly makeup, twinkling confetti, shiny sequins…we love to add a little glitter glamour to everything! When we were kids, you could almost bet we glued glitter to our art projects and stuck glittery stickers all over our notebooks. Are you trying to reach a female-centered audience? Wanna catch a woman’s eye? Try one or a combination of these low-priced iridescent promoters:

Sparkly Micro Sticky Books

A sparkly flag notepad and a shimmering stick pen make a dashing promotional pair, don’t you think?

An array of glittery promotional pencils

We also offer this snazzy lineup of glittery promotional pencils.

Glittery Promotional Bouncers

Watch the eyes of both guys and gals light up with this imprinted dazzler. Build some play into the workday! A little twinkle never hurt anything.

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