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| Updated: May 19, 2021

The vintage marketplace has expanded dramatically in the last few years. The retro trend is gaining foothold from the entertainment to the retail industries. Not only do old-school styles appeal to the older generations who once wore those same styles, but they also appeal to the younger crowd who wants to revive those styles in a new way. Because of this tendency, vintage style is an effective way to appeal to a much wider audience. Here are five recent retro-cool promotional items we offer:

1. Burk’s Bay Vintage Leather Jacket: This embroidered jacket has that destructed broken-in look, like something you would raid from your dad’s closet. It’s easy to fall in love with this timeless style.

embroidered retro jacket


2. totes® Bubble Umbrella: These see-through umbrellas have been popping up lately on runways, photo shoots and trendy television shows, but they conjure images from the classic Singing in the Rain. They would make a great incentive for trendy fashion boutiques, sports facilities or other fashion-conscious organizations.

Custom umbrellas

3.  Glass Drinking Jar: Once used as a necessity for home preserving, canning jars are making a comeback as regular servingware for parties and daily meals. Add custom cups into rotation at your catering events or company parties.

personalized mason jar

4. Retro Airline Brief: these shoulder bags have a mod vintage look, similar to the vintage Pan Am flight bags you can still find online. These are sure to be a hit with your frequent business travelers and college students.

Promotional vintage flight bag

5. J. America Vintage Track Jacket: This retro track jacket is extremely timely as the Olympics are playing on TV and the fitness craze is trending. The look is retro, but the jacket spares you none of the modern performance updates.

Embroidered track jacket

Vintage-inspired promotional products satisfy both the wistful and the trend-seeking. There really is something for everyone!


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