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New Years’ resolutions are in full swing, and gyms are packed with new members. If ever there was a time to encourage your customers’ new health habits, it’s right now!

Whether you’re launching a new workplace wellness program or you’re in the throes of new membership marketing, we have great promotional incentives ready for you!

Let’s just take a closer look at what the typical gym-goer brings to the gym, shall we? It’s a great place to start thinking about designing a starter kit for your desired audience:

  1. Hand towels are used for various things from wiping down equipment to wiping away sweat. The life of your logo far exceeds the cost!
  2. Let’s face it: gyms are known to be germ-laden environments. Keep a supply of pocket hand sanitizers available for extra protection.
  3. If there’s anything a person might bring to the gym, it’s likely going to be a water bottle. Proper hydration is essential during any workout. This one even saves space in their gym bags:
  4. Members often must bring their car keys, gym passes, and locker  keys into the building with them. Why not capitalize on that opportunity and offer a logo’d keychain? They can even clip all their keys to their new bottles or gym bags.
  5. Nearly everyone on the cardio machines will engage in some sort of entertainment, whether it’s reading or listening to tunes. Add a bonus incentive to signing up by giving the first 50 new members a wearable MP3 player.

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Jessica is the Web Copy Manager and has been with 4imprint for 6 years. She blogs about seasonal promotions and creative and meaningful product uses.

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