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| Updated: March 20, 2024 5 min read

When you surprise and delight your audience through unexpected gestures, acts and gifts, your brand benefits too. Out-of-the-blue acts of appreciation and kindness can boost referrals, increase revenue, trigger positive feelings and cultivate stronger brand loyalty. Infusing delightful surprises into customer and employee interactions can set your company apart from others. Creative promotional products are a perfect way to elevate your organization, leaving a trail of happy customers and staff who can’t wait to share their positive experiences with family and friends.

Read on for more about these creative promotional product ideas that surprise and delight:

  1. Unconventional gift sets
  2. Personalized experience giveaways
  3. Gifts worthy of unboxing
  4. VIP treatment
  5. Upgraded experiences
  6. Engaging gifts and giveaways

Unconventional gift sets

Create gift sets that go beyond expectations by combining creative giveaways in imaginative ways. Give remote, hybrid and traveling employees a “work from anywhere” set. Include a cork-accented mug, notebook and pen, charging cable carabiner and  mood stress dude. These make great welcome gifts for new employees or “just because” gifts to show staff appreciation.

Have customers or team members who love to travel or explore? An adventure-retreat set makes a great employee anniversary or referral thank-you gift. Fill a dry sack with a stainless bottle and 2-in-1 carabiner bottle opener. Slip in a couple of tickets to an exciting attraction to help them jumpstart their exploration!

Personalized experience giveaways

Seventy-one percent of customers expect personalized interactions from the companies they buy from. Personalized gestures, like remembering a birthday or recalling a pet’s name, show you listen to and care about your customers. That recognition can leave them with a sense of connection to your brand.

Person unboxing gift.

Help remember the little things by actively listening and jotting notes after every interaction. Use social media monitoring tools to stay in tune with customers’ conversations, preferences and interests. If a client mentions something they’re excited about, for instance an upcoming vacation or new movie release, surprise them with a correlated gift or experience.

For the moviegoer, send movie passes along with a mini popcorn popper. For the traveler’s vacation, choose creative giveaways, like a bottle with wireless speaker and beach sunglasses. Tuck in a note wishing them well on their next adventure.

Gifts worthy of unboxing

Has a client just closed on a major deal? Or did one of your VIP customers just get married? Creative client gifts, worthy of an unboxing experience, are the perfect way to commemorate the occasion. Send a celebratory box with party-perfect gifts, like a bubble tube, party cup cooler,  dance party button, and wireless speaker and ear buds, for an experience they won’t soon forget.

Diagram showing correlation between surprise and happiness.

When it comes to surprising and delighting customers, research shows there’s a direct correlation between the level of surprise and customer satisfaction. Take the unboxing experience to the next level with unexpected packaging. Forgo the standard gift box or bag and opt instead to place gifts in a clear tote or cooler tote. Wrap up products with tissue and ribbon imprinted with quotes, a joke or fun facts about your brand.

VIP treatment

Provide VIP customers with free samples or trial versions of new products and/or services. Invite loyal patrons to a sneak preview or early-access event, like a members-only shopping date, where loyal customers can shop deals and sales prior to the general public. Tuck their purchases in a branded reusable tote imprinted with a QR code that leads them to a video message from the CEO expressing gratitude for their support.

Upgraded experiences

Surprise customers with unexpected upgrades, for instance to a more premium product or higher tier of service. For long-time clients, boost their experience with luxurious and creative client gifts. Give your VIPs tickets to an upcoming event, like a conference or trade show. Include a tote that contains a scarf, wine carrier and twist metal pen and pencil set to help kick off their experience.

Want to upgrade your typical prospect meeting? Creative leave-behind ideas for sales, like a 7-piece picnic carrier set, will surprise and delight prospects. Slip in a guide to local parks or a map showing favorite picnic spots as an added touch.

Engaging gifts and giveaways

Eighty-four percent of trade show attendees say their experience with an exhibitor is a deciding factor on whether they buy. Provide an unforgettable experience using creative promotional products. A Rubik’s® Edge is a unique giveaway for people who stop by your booth. If they solve it, they get access to a special offer or bonus giveaway, like a light-up yo-yo or puzzle pen.

Three people interacting at an exhibitor booth.

Draw traffic with an exciting prize drop game or stand-out prize wheel. Make prizes unique and useful. An ear bud cleaning tool or gardening kit are great choices. If a prospect decides to make a purchase or sign a contract, delight them with free shipping or an upgraded service contract to make a powerful impression.

The magic of delight

By using these creative promotional products to surprise and delight customers and team members, your brand will cultivate strong loyalty and high satisfaction.