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| Updated: February 15, 2023

Editor’s Note: This blog post was originally published in March 2017 and has since been modified to include updated research and meeting giveaways.


A calendar invite appears in your inbox—you’ve been invited to a team meeting. That can evoke feelings of excitement or dread, but meetings can make a big difference in the workplace. We’ve pulled together some tips plus top meeting giveaway ideas to help you improve communication, keep employees engaged, build team relationships and provide more opportunities for teamwork.


Get everyone on the same page with notebooks

A study on communication in the workplace found that employees named miscommunication a contributing factor to stress, failed projects and lost sales. The most commonly cited forms of miscommunication include different communication styles, unclear responsibilities and time pressures. Help alleviate miscommunication by scheduling face-to-face meetings with your team, including remote workers via videoconference. Because much of communication comes from non-verbal cues, having team face time, whether virtual or in-person, is necessary for high-quality communication.

At the start of the meeting, ask team members to do a quick introduction. This simple act can help break down barriers and let team members get to know one another. Encourage notetaking for better communication and retention with meeting giveaways like a Mercury Notebook with Stylus Pen.

Pairs of hands writing on paper on clipboard, tapping a smartphone and holding coffee

Hand them out to staff and encourage them to jot notes, questions and answers.


Celebrate team milestones and successes with gifts

According to a Gallup® report, 53% of workers are not engaged at work. Not being invested in the organization means they’re doing only the minimum required to satisfy customers, are more likely to miss work and are more likely to leave for a different job. Fight employee disengagement by allowing time at regular meetings to celebrate team member milestones and successes.

Two shaking hands with each arm wearing a suit

Present team members who’ve achieved something out of the ordinary or marked a milestone with the company with a thoughtful business gift like a laptop backpack. The Levana Tumbler is another great token of gratitude for any employee. Don’t forget to add your company logo and a note of thanks. Honoring employees at a meeting shows them they are valued, and it allows the team to celebrate together! Everyone loves being part of a winning team.

You can also help boost employee engagement by making future presentations more engaging. See how to breathe new life into your future presentations in this blog.


Boost camaraderie with team-building activities and gifts

Effective teams know how to work together. When time is spent on team building, it helps build relationships and contributes to a collaborative culture. Set aside time during meetings for team-building activities to help build stronger teams.

Four team members wearing red shirts that say "Team #1"

Some effective meetings incorporate team-building games where people work together for a common goal, such as a scavenger hunt. To make employees feel like part of the team, hand out Hanes® 50/50 ComfortBlend T-shirts or reusable water bottles with your company logo printed on the front. These types of activities can also bring out leaders in your team. Show your employees how much you value their willingness to lead by giving them a company-branded jacket.

Meeting giveaways make workplace meetings better

With top meeting giveaways and ideas that encourage collaboration, celebrate team successes and boost team spirit, you can quickly improve your meetings and make them far more productive.