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| Updated: January 07, 2021 3 min read

Every new year, one in three people vow to do something to better themselves—and four of the top five resolutions involve getting healthy:

  • Exercise more
  • Eat healthier
  • Save money
  • Lose weight
  • Reduce stress
4 of the top 5 resolutions are health-related. | 4imprint best promotional giveaways.


If you’re looking for ways to help customers and employees take better care of themselves, we’ve selected some of the best promotional giveaways to help them jump-start their efforts.


Eat right

The American Heart Association® recommends filling half your plate with fruits and vegetables at every meal. But only 1 in 10 adults is eating the proper amount of fruits and veggies.

1 in 10 adults eats the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables.


Encourage employees and customers to eat better with health and wellness giveaways, like a Salad Shaker Set, Veggie Spiral-it or a Dip-It Snack Bowl, for their carrots, celery and hummus. Or encourage them to grow their own fresh vegetables with a Grow Your Own Kit – Greek Salad.


Rest well

One-third of adults don’t get enough sleep—and that’s a bigger problem than most people realize. Not getting enough rest can:

  • Put you at 50% higher risk for obesity
  • Age your brain 3-5 years
  • Make it three times more likely you’ll catch a cold
One-third of adults don’t get enough sleep. | 4imprint best promotional giveaways.


Help employees improve their overall health by encouraging a good night’s sleep.

Since using electronics before bed can make it difficult for people to shut their brains off, some of the best promotional giveaways to encourage a good night’s rest are the ones that get them away from their laptop, TV or phone.

Give employees a good book or a Ridgeview Notebook Set for journaling, along with a Flex Book Light and a Magnetic Bookmark to help them exchange screen time for bedtime.

The Keen Wireless Charging Desk Clock makes a great sleep-challenge prize. It combines a charging pad with an alarm clock, making it easier to put their phone down at the end of the night.


Encourage exercise

Even 15 minutes of daily exercise can make a difference in a person’s health and well-being, boosting brainpower and reducing the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Health and wellness giveaways that encourage employees or customers to get moving can make it possible for them to live healthier (and longer) lives.

Hold a steps challenge in the workplace and offer a Carry Loop Tritan Water Bottle to anyone who signs up to walk every day. Give everyone who completes the challenge an Exercise Kit or a Stretch It Exercise Band Set to keep them focused on fitness once the challenge is done.


Reduce stress

Every day, 1 million workers miss work due to high stress levels. And less than half of employees think their company is concerned about their work-life balance.

Show your employees (and your customers) you care with health and wellness giveaways designed to help them destress, like a Stress Relieving Adult Coloring Book & Pencils, Zen Essential Oil or Wooden Stacking Zen Stones.


Help keep resolutions

When you want to support your clients and employees in making a healthy start, the best promotional giveaways will help them eat right, rest comfortably and move more. Here’s to a healthy new year!