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Imagine that you just made a purchase from one of your favorite brands. When you open the package, you find a heartwarming, handwritten note and a thoughtful gift with your order. Customer appreciation ideas like these help show how thankful you are for your customers’ support. It can help deepen the relationship between your clients and your brand (which can help boost sales and referrals). This is a big deal for most businesses: On average, 80% of a company’s profits come from just 20% of its customers. Retaining those customers and showing them how much they’re valued can have a tangible effect on your company’s bottom line.

Three shoppers standing in line at a checkout counter.

5 best customer appreciation ideas

  1. Send personalized thank-you notes
  2. Launch a customer loyalty program
  3. Feature customers in your social media
  4. Host a customer appreciation event
  5. Gather customer feedback

1. Send personalized thank-you notes

Receiving a handwritten thank-you note adds a human element to the buying experience and gives your customers a warm, cozy impression. It also increases how much a customer is likely to spend with your brand: One retailer said customers who received a handwritten note spent 100.5% more than customers who received no note (or a machine-printed one).


An open package with a handwritten thank-you note inside.


Have a member of your team write a short message on a note card or thank-you greeting card to begin forging more meaningful connections with your customers. Add a promotional item for customers, like a chocolate heart or some truffles, for a sweet touch.

2. Launch a customer loyalty program

Customer loyalty programs are an effective way to reward and show appreciation for your most committed customers. They’re a popular choice for buyers too. In a 2020 survey, 68% of respondents said they would join a loyalty or VIP program for their favorite brands.


Woman handing a checker a loyalty card.


These customer loyalty program ideas can help get your business started:

  • Earn points for purchases: Customers will be excited to earn points for purchases they’re already planning to make. Points can be redeemed for campfire mugs or sweatshirts emblazoned with your brand’s logo.
  • Birthday surprises: Many people enjoy receiving an unexpected gift. Send an appreciation gift for customers on their birthday. A Picnic/Stadium Blanket combo or wine case set will help your most loyal clients celebrate in style.
  • Free shipping: Who doesn’t love free shipping? Customers will want to order again and again with this customer loyalty program idea.

3. Feature customers in your social media

Another great option is to feature customers in your social media posts. Social media is a powerful tool for deepening relationships. According to survey data, customers consider social media to be the best opportunity for businesses to connect with their clients. And clients who feel connected are more likely to come back in the future.


Man reacting to a social media post.


Sharing customer photos and videos, re-tweeting positive reviews and tagging specific loyal customers in posts or Stories are fun ways to make customers feel special and valued, while sharing the love they’re already expressing for your brand online.

To take things to the next level, send the people you feature a sticker or keychain with your logo that they can show off proudly when they’re out and about.

4. Host a customer appreciation event

Hosting an appreciation event, such as a special sale weekend, is an exciting way to show gratitude for your customers’ support, while also giving back in a way that’s meaningful to them. If your business has a physical location, making the event festive with balloons or a banner can add to the celebratory mood. Whether your business is in-person or online, up the ante with brightly colored customer appreciation giveaways, like two-tone sunglasses, stadium cups or bead necklaces, for those who make a purchase during the event.

5. Gather customer feedback

Customers feel appreciated when their comments and concerns are heard and put into action. Show that you take your clients’ opinions seriously by being intentional about collecting feedback. Send a follow up email requesting comments after a customer’s order has been delivered or after they’ve contacted your customer support department.

If their comments suggest they are experiencing an issue, reach out immediately to see if you can help. Once the issue has been resolved, follow up with a gift, like a vacuum travel tumbler or cotton shopper tote. They’ll remember how you went above and beyond every time they use their gift.

If your customer shares an idea for a new product or service, see if you can implement it. They’ll love knowing that their idea came to fruition for one of their favorite brands.

Improve your client relationships with customer appreciation ideas

Sing your customers’ praises and show them how important they are with customer appreciation ideas to keep them coming back to your brand for years to come.