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| Updated: February 15, 2023

How trade show apparel leaves a positive impression

  1. Trade show apparel sends a message
  2. Matching apparel creates a sense of team unity
  3. Branded apparel helps attendees easily identify staff


First impressions count. And they happen fast. In fact, a person starts to form a first impression after seeing someone’s face for less than one-tenth of a second. Trade shows are a fantastic place to make a great first impression of your brand, as 99% of exhibitors find that trade shows deliver unique value other marketing channels cannot. At trade shows, eye-catching graphics and engaging booth activities are competing for attendees’ attention. When you want to attract visitors who are directly involved in purchasing decisions, pay attention to the first impression your booth and team create. That means paying attention to your team’s trade show apparel—even if your show is now virtual.

Man behind a trade show booth with logo'd products shaking hands with a woman visiting.


Showcase your brand with versatile branded apparel

Your booth has the perfect setup. Your giveaways are grab-worthy. To complete your trade show trifecta, make sure your trade show apparel instantly communicates your team’s credibility and can-do approach. Score bonus points (and long-term brand exposure) if you choose apparel your staff will want to wear post-show. Here are three reasons your apparel matters for trade show success:

No 1. Trade show apparel sends a message

What your team wears is a direct reflection of your brand. This is especially important when you participate in an event attended by your target audience. For example, a stylish, comfortable Button Down Poplin Shirt with your embroidered logo speaks to your organization’s professionalism and accessibility, whereas a Plaid Flannel Shirt may suggest a more relaxed, casual vibe. Choose branded apparel that helps you create a first impression that matches your brand.

No. 2. Matching apparel creates a sense of team unity

The best trade show booths are the ones where team members work well together. When you outfit your team with logoed shirts or other branded apparel, you create a sense of team unity. Whether your team works trade shows together often or is on the show floor together for the first time, wearing the same shirt, like the Moisture Management Polo with Stain Release, connects them to one another. And a connected team is more likely to be a successful team.

No. 3. Branded apparel helps attendees easily identify staff 

If you’ve ever visited a trade show and couldn’t tell attendees from booth staff, you know why this is important. Helping visitors quickly identify representatives who can answer questions can lead to new business opportunities. For example, the eye-catching bold stripes on the logoed Silk Touch Sport Colorblock Polo or the Colorblock Contender Tee stand out among a booth full of attendees.

When looking for trade show apparel, choose outfits that are:

  • Comfortable
  • High-quality
  • Likely to be worn post-show
Choose trade show apparel that is comfortable, high quality and likely to be worn post-show.

Bottom line: Choose trade show apparel that puts your team at ease. Your team’s apparel should be comfortable and stylish enough that your staff will continue wearing it long after the trade show is over. Be sure the style matches the image you want your brand to create. Choosing quality apparel that fits your brand ensures you create the right first impression.


Dress to impress at the show

No matter which shows you’re participating in, the right trade show apparel will get your brand noticed for all the right reasons. Good luck with your next show! Want to learn more about making a good impression at the show? Read helpful tips and unique giveaways to make connections at trade shows.