4imprint, LLC

Posted: May 06, 2019 | Updated: March 10, 2021

Showcasing your company at a trade show or expo can help you attract new customers and prospects—a big goal for any business! Using cutting-edge displays and eye-catching giveaways at your booth helps ensure that the time, effort and money you’ve invested is rewarded with lots of attention and eager visitors.

4imprint merchandiser Sarah Z., who specializes in trade show items, recently shared some of her recommendations about both new and tried-and-true booth equipment, games, giveaways and more:


Fun, interactive displays

“One of the best ways to draw people in is to have an interactive element in your space,” Sarah said. “It could be anything from Selfie Boards (the assorted version is a top-seller!) to a tabletop game to a virtual reality experience.”


Unique lighting

“A great way to draw attention during an event is by adding lights! Light draws the eye, so they’re sure to notice your booth. For a simple option, try glow sticks or light-up bracelets. Or go all out with an illuminated banner stand. You can also work light into your giveaways by offering a light-up tumbler,” Sarah explained.


Welcomed relaxation

Call it courteous or cunning, but providing event-goers with a place to rest their weary feet is also sheer genius. Providing refreshments—like a drink in a Paper Hot/Cold Cup—is another easy way to draw them into your space, Sarah advises. Create an expo oasis with a Portable Popup Serving StationTabletop Chalkboard Signs and plenty of seating. Director Chairs and camp chairs are great options.


Warm weather means Outdoor options

“Longer days during spring and summer allow everyone to spend more time in the great outdoors. Outdoor events like farmers markets, festivals, cook-offs and fun runs are wonderful opportunities to spread your message,” Sarah said. “We have a large variety of products from event tents to outdoor signs and banners to help you stand out from the crowd!” Make the most of your outdoor event by working your giveaways into the theme. Sunglasses and beach towels go over well at summer events while a reusable straw or first-aid kit works at any time.