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Posted: January 06, 2021 | Updated: January 06, 2023 4 min read

Editor’s Note: This article is updated annually and has been modified to include new cool promotional products for 2023.

Each year, we compile a list of cool promotional products to help keep you ahead of the curve of what’s trending in the world of promotional product giveaways.

Whether you’re looking to catch a prospect’s eye at a trade show, celebrate an employee milestone or toast a client’s success, we’re here to help.


Wellness gifts for good health

With total health spending in Canada reaching $331 billion in 2022, promotional giveaway ideas that help them focus on their physical and mental health are sure to be a hit.

Focus on relaxation with items like a comfy robe or handy manicure set, or help keep them motivated to exercise with a fitness mat or slider disc set These unique giveaways are great incentives to boost participation in your organization’s new year health challenge. Combine with an inspirational note and a gift card to a local gym or spa, and you’ll create a memorable giveaway package.


Cozy gifts for comfort at home

Experts predict that remote work will continue to expand in 2023, meaning many people will be spending a lot of time at home. Promotional gifts catered toward comfort are sure to be appreciated.

A sherpa blanket or pillow blanket is a cuddly companion for family movie nights or chilly mornings in the home office. Add an eye-catching candle and a Bluetooth® speaker in a gift basket for a promotional giveaway idea that will add just the right touch of ambiance and relaxation to any room.


Smart gifts for a multi-tasking frame of mind

It’s no secret that people are busier than ever, which is why promotional products that pull double-duty can be helpful for on-the-go employees and clients.

A combination backpack, cooler and chair is perfect for trips to the park or backyard get-togethers. A vacuum bottle can help them quench their thirst while also keeping their devices powered up with a removable wireless charger and power bank.

Looking for a cool promotional product that can be slipped into a small gift bag? A Meister Multi-Tool or Sonora Outdoor Multi-Tool, along with a gift card, is a perfect way to show appreciation for those customers and team members that wear multiple hats.


Travel items for jet-setting adventurers

Many people are likely getting excited about travel in 2023. Whether your employees or customers are flying across the globe or camping at a local state park, gifts that make traveling more convenient are sure to be a winner.

An amenities kit or travel case is helpful for storing small items like toiletries for a trip to a trade show or business conference, while a garment bag can keep clothes in tip-top shape for meetings. Or help them keep track of essentials with a passport wallet, which can safely store their passport and other important documents. Tuck these items into a gift box with travel-size snacks for the perfect birthday or thank-you gift for customers or staff.


Keep your brand at the forefront with cool promotional products for the new year


Give your customers and employees cool promotional products that they’ll appreciate and reach for to celebrate 2023 and beyond. Happy new year!



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