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Posted: March 29, 2024 | Updated: April 01, 2024 4 min read

We’re a society on the go. From daily commutes and business trips to long weekends and vacation getaways, travel is a regular part of life. In 2023, 12.7% of full-time employees worked from home, meaning 87.3% are walking, driving or riding to work at least some of the time. Add in the 1.3 million business trips taken in the U.S. every day plus the countless personal getaways, and that’s a lot of time on the move. Here are ideas on how travel promo items can help strengthen bonds with employees (and make their next trip better).

Consider the commuters

A majority of workers still leave home to go to work. If that’s the norm in your organization, a little something to improve their commute makes a great onboarding gift. A travel mug or business bag may be just the thing to welcome new employees and help them stay organized (and hydrated) while traveling to and from work.

Good nutrition can be a challenge for employees who are constantly on the go. Provide a lunch bag and healthy meal ideas to promote better eating habits, like bringing a lunch from home. And branded travel items, like portable power banks, make great employee appreciation gifts. Commuters are sure to love the extra boost of power while indulging in a favorite podcast on the way to work.

Welcome the weekend

A holiday weekend is time for celebration. Memorial Day, for example, marks the unofficial start of summer, and Labor Day is the season’s last hurrah. (They’re also popular times to take a weekend getaway.) Welcome either—or both—with a little fun. Email a trivia question on the Friday before a long weekend. The first person with the right answer wins a duffel bag.

A wireless charger is the perfect travel promo item to take on a weekend getaway. It tucks nicely in a purse or bag and keeps devices running when they need it most. A travel blanket or packable jacket is sure to be appreciated by travelers looking to catch some shut-eye on the way to their destination. Both are compact and easy to carry when packing space is limited. These items make great thank-you gifts for employees who consistently go above and beyond.

When travel means business

In many lines of work, business travel is a necessity. Help an employee feel more comfortable and supported from afar with a neck pillow and sleep mask. The combination will make a restful flight more attainable, giving them the brain power they need to succeed.

If an employee is traveling to another company location or branch, coordinate with that site to have a little something waiting. If you know they will have downtime, have a gift card to a cycling studio or tourist attraction tucked into a water bottle. If it’s a quick trip, see to it there’s trail mix with encouraging words attached to get them hyped for the big meeting.

When it’s (finally!) vacation time

A worker may give updates on vacation planning for months leading up to their departure. Show you’ve enjoyed hearing about it and wish them well with a small bundle of branded travel items, like a travel pack stuffed with a manicure set and luggage tags.

Often the time before a vacation is extra busy. When an employee has hustled to make sure everything’s in order, a little surprise might lift their mood and send them off with a smile. If they’re headed somewhere sunny, sneak a pair of sunglasses onto their keyboard or into their cubby; add a note thanking them for the extra effort.

There’s no place like home

Creative use of travel promo items can give employees a boost as they head off on their commute home, away for a long weekend, on a business adventure or for a vacation in paradise. Regardless of whether it’s through a lucky drawing or a gesture of appreciation, it will help the good vibes continue when they return.