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Posted: February 10, 2023 6 min read

Trade shows represent a huge opportunity for your organization, and a strong presentation will help you make the most of it, according to Jen, 4imprint’s trade show manager.

“There are very few other ways to get that many people in your target market in one spot and one time,” she explained.

It’s the perfect time to build your brand and become more credible with customers and prospects, since you have the opportunity to talk to hundreds or thousands of people at once. Jen attends more than 50 expos each year, and she was happy to share her best tips (and the top trade show giveaways) to help you stand out from the crowd.


What’s new and hot?

The questions she’s asked most often about promotional giveaways are “What’s new?” and “What’s hot?” The good news is that many of those fresh, trendy items are also affordable.

“Everyone wants to give away that fun item, that awesome thing that’s going to drive people to their booth,” she said. “Sometimes that’s not the most expensive thing.” Check out 4imprint’s Hot Products (https://www.4imprint.ca/hot) and New Products (https://www.4imprint.ca/new) to find clever, eye-catching branded giveaways that will grab attention.

And don’t forget the classic promos. They remain popular for a reason. “Pens used to be boring to give away. Not anymore,” Jen said. The Pilot® FriXion Retractable Erasable Gel Pen is Jen’s “all-time favorite pen.”

Another of Jen’s top trade show giveaways is the Mini Hot/Cold Pack. This unique promo comes in many shapes and colors to fit your brand. Plus, not many vendors are likely to choose it, making your booth instantly memorable.


High-tech gear

With more things being done virtually, digital tools continue to increase in popularity. This includes web pages to help trade show visitors find the answers to their questions, or QR codes that can be handed out so folks can go straight to a web page after the show. Some booths use videos or website TV monitors to point out product or service advantages over competitors.


For the best impact, combine in-person and virtual experiences. “The prep is what’s the most important. That’s what’s going to bring it all together when you are there for the few hours you have to connect with these people,” Jen said.

Tech-friendly giveaways are always a crowd pleaser. The 2 Port USB Folding Wall Charger is “super handy and you do not realize how much you need one of these until you have it,” Jen said. It’s also available with a light-up logo. For a really impressive giveaway, consider the Fold Up Mouse Pad with Wireless Charging Pad. It acts as a mousepad, phone stand and wireless charger for Qi®-enabled devices.


Post-pandemic protocols

We’d all like to forget about the pandemic and resulting shutdowns, but there are a few things that still carry through to trade shows and expos. People are more aware of germs and may be reluctant to share personal space, hug or shake hands. Be sure your staff takes the time to judge each visitor’s comfort level and react accordingly.


“Reading people is quite easy, most of the time,” Jen said. “Following their lead is usually the best way to approach the situation, but I would say that people are still more cautious than pre-pandemic.”


Hand sanitizer remains a top trade show giveaway. “There are still some people masked up at shows, but not too many,” Jen said. “It helped people be more conscious about washing hands and being more aware of risks.”


Put your best booth forward

With these trade show success tips plus the top trade show giveaways, you’ll be ready to capture prospects’ attention and have your best exhibit experience yet.