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Posted: October 25, 2019 | Updated: February 06, 2023

Brand consistency provides a number of benefits for your organization.


When you send a consistent message about your brand, customers get to know you, and that builds overall brand awareness. As customers begin to trust your message, they become more loyal to your brand, which means more repeat customers. And by positioning your brand as the expert in your field, you’ll also be building authority with your audience. Recognition. Loyalty. Authority. That’s how behemoth brands are born.


When it comes down to it, consumers are most comfortable buying from brands they know—and consistent messaging is how they get to know you.


Improve brand consistency across all forms of media with these tips. Along the way, you’ll discover the best branded promotional items to give your message that extra boost.


Create brand guidelines


Before sending out your marketing messages, you need to create them. Establish a cohesive presence by outlining a set of brand guidelines.


From brand colors to the tone of voice to taglines, specific guidelines will help get your entire team on the same page when it comes to your message. Plus, it will make your branding unforgettable.


One of the most important things you can do is create a catchy tagline that sums up your organization, but is easily remembered by all who see it. Make sure this tagline is on your website, social media channels, printed collateral and even small business promotional items.


Print the tagline on shirts, such as the OGIO® Stay-Cool Performance Polo, for your employees to wear to client meetings. Add it to your banners for trade shows and events. The Phoenix Adjustable Tabletop Banner is a great place to show off your message. The more your audience sees it, the more likely they are to remember it.


Change up your promotional products to match the seasons or upcoming holidays. For example, in the winter months, print your tagline on holiday shipping boxes, like the Natural Kraft Gift Box.


Tie it all together


Check your website, social media, printed materials and other tangible products for branding inconsistences. It’s important that your messaging is the same across digital and physical platforms. Consider using physical messaging to endorse its digital counterparts. For example, use a tech item, like the Catena Wireless Charging Phone Stand, to promote social media channels.


Don’t forget to spread a consistent message across digital material, such as social posts and email newsletters, too.


If you discover mixed messaging, enlist the help of your graphic design team to recreate the materials so they match brand guidelines.


If multiple teams manage different promotions, work with everyone to tie it all together. The message should resonate on everything from radio to television, social media to direct mail, and even in-store products and signage.


If needed, host a branding update meeting for your entire organization. Upload the guidelines to the Slide Card Micro USB Drive so the team has access to them wherever they go.




When the opportunity presents itself, cross-promote new products, events or sales.


For example, advertise an upcoming event at your current event. Hand out a Sales Flyer imprinted with your branded messaging and include details about your next event. You could even include a coupon for recipients to use next time around.


Another example would be to use a service call as a chance to promote a future service need. Remind them of anticipated needs with a small business promotional item, like a Loop Keychain or Billboard Magnet.


Finally, promote outside and inside your store, ensuring the signage has the same messaging. Even though a Value Outdoor Banner and Indoor Value Sail Sign are different shapes and sizes, they can still look unified when printed with consistent messaging.


Make the most of feedback


After using consistent messaging across all media channels for several months, ask your customers for feedback. Make sure you track your results.


Listen to what clients are saying in reviews—and be sure to respond to all of them. This will make your customers feel heard, while continuing to cultivate their loyalty to your organization.


Send out surveys to collect customer feedback. As a thank-you for participating, give them a gift. Say thanks with one of the best branded promotional items: a Pacific Aluminum Sport Bottle or Big Thunder Tote.


Analyze your results and make adjustments where needed. Then continue working toward stronger brand messaging across the board.


Consistency is key


With these tips and strong messaging, your audience will be able to recognize your brand in a flash. And that will increase brand loyalty, authority and awareness. Include some of the best branded promotional items to take your message—and your brand—to the next level.