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Posted: June 25, 2021 | Updated: July 12, 2021 4 min read

Stories are powerful. They’re easily shareable, and people love them. In fact, a really good story causes the brain’s neural activity to increase fivefold. Combining entertaining and engaging stories with marketing gifts can help your brand stay top of mind and build a strong reputation for your organization. Let’s dive into ideas!

Remind people who you are

Focusing on your values is a great way to remind people who you are and what you stand for. Maybe your business only sells Fair Trade Certified™ products. Perhaps you favor a particular nonprofit cause. Hang Full-Color Posters around the office and imprint buttons that employees can wear to share how your brand lives out its values. Highlight common interests with your audience. For example, are your customers avid outdoor fans? Run a social media challenge that encourages people to go hiking or camping. If your brand focuses on health and wellness, craft a series of blog posts offering tips and tricks to promote healthy communities. Drive your message home with marketing gifts that tie back to who you are—like a wide-brimmed hat to keep the sun at bay while exploring the outdoors. Or a water bottle that helps track their hydration.

Tell your background story

Do you have a compelling backstory? Or did something out of the ordinary bring your business to life? Think about ways you can share that story to raise brand awareness. Include it on your website and create a social media campaign that breaks the story up into bite-sized social posts over a period of a week or two. To help boost engagement throughout the series, offer a prize for people who engage with your posts or answer trivia questions correctly. Notebooks with stylus pens or opaque mugs with lids are useful gifts. Every time people use your gift, they’ll be reminded of your story.

If your tagline captures your story, imprint it on T-shirts you can give to prospects and customers. Even if there’s nothing extraordinary behind your business’ beginnings, you can still use your story to connect with your audience. Perhaps you started your business to have more freedom over your schedule. Or maybe you just really love what you do. People connect with other humans, so sharing what truly got you started—no matter how ordinary it seems—is a great way to connect and build relationships.

Share staff stories

Employee stories put a human face to your business—for clients and job candidates. Encourage your employees to share what it’s truly like to work at your company. Job seekers trust employees three times more than the business (PDF) they’re pursuing. Staff stories can build your reputation. Plus, “stories” can take multiple angles too. Encourage your team to create content you can share on social media. Employees could snap a pic while at work or post their favorite memory about an on-the-job experience.

Showcase staff living their best life outside of work. Maybe they’re into woodworking or cooking. Share posts that highlight your team’s home life to personalize your brand. Engage your audience by inviting them to share their hobbies. Hold a random giveaway for participation. Marketing giveaway ideas can include things that tie back to participants’ passions. For instance, give away a matte black mini notebook with colored pencils, a BBQ apron or a squish collapsible mixing bowl.

Broadcast customer stories

Satisfied customers can be your brand’s biggest cheerleaders. Their stories provide specific reasons for choosing your business and what they love the most about it. And they do it in a memorable way. Reach out to top customers. Ask if they’re willing to have a 15-minute chat about what attracted them to your business. Share your customers’ stories by mailing Post Cards to prospects you’re trying to convert. Or imprint the story on an outdoor wall display to reach as many people as possible. Send a gift to thank customers who shared their story. Marketing giveaway thank-you ideas include a mouthwatering cookies and confections box or a high-end laptop backpack.

Use stories to share your brand

By sharing your brand’s values, its beginnings, and its customer and employee stories, you’ll build a powerful reputation in no time. And with marketing gifts that remind people of your story every time they use them, your brand will stay top of mind.