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Posted: May 21, 2021 | Updated: July 12, 2021 4 min read

Selling from the heart means showing empathy toward your customers. It means building trust. It means doing your best to help them, even if they don’t buy your product. Selling with heart helps close the deal. In fact, most buyers consider salespeople to be “trusted advisors.” To become your customers’ trusted advisor by selling from the heart, try these tips and sales gifts for clients.

Up-level customer service

Make customers feel like they’re the only customer in the world by taking your service to the next level. Encourage employees to paraphrase customer requests during their conversations. This helps ensure the salesperson truly understands what the customer wants. Respond to every online review to demonstrate you’re paying attention. And assign each customer their own sales rep to aid in relationship-building.

When a customer makes a first-time purchase, wow them with a small gift, like a divot tool and marker set or can cooler. Send long-time customers a high-end gift whenever they make a large purchase or refer new business. A leather watch or a nature-inspired, stylish tote bag is an excellent choice.

Put people first

Think about ways to focus on the buyer rather than the product. Skip talking about general features and benefits. Instead, explain how one or two features can benefit the specific customer. Make “get-to-know-you” conversations a normal part of the sales process. You might discover something about the customer that helps you create a more tailored solution for them. You may even realize the product they’re asking about isn’t the best fit for them, providing the opportunity to offer an even better solution. Talk about making a good impression!

To make an even greater impact, offer a promo product as a leave-behind. For instance, give a creative client gift, like a Dog Tag Necklace with Bottle Opener—or something functional, like a mesh ball cap. A tasty snack, like a gourmet 15-piece candy box, leaves a sweet impression.

Listen, listen, listen

Customers feel heard when they’re allowed to speak. The best sales reps listen carefully. They pay attention to body language and tone of voice, not just spoken words. They think less about sticking to their script and more about how to help individual customers. People can tell when you’re truly focusing on them. And when they know you’re paying attention, they’re more likely to buy from you.

Show customers you’re paying attention by following up. Send a quick message a few days after talking to them. Inquire if there’s anything else you can help them with. Ask if they have any questions. Another great way to follow up is by sending a small gift. Choose a handy item, like a calendar, Colourblock Sunglasses or a stemless wine glass, so they’ll be reminded of you with each use.

Go the extra mile

Little details show customers you want to go the extra mile for them. Include an inspirational quote on your product packaging—maybe on a sticker that can be attached to tissue paper or a bag. For larger purchases, offer a Felt Board with Letters that has an inspiring message spelled out on it.

Make an even larger impact when your client sales gift includes a message that ties into your brand values or the specific product the customer ordered. For instance, if one of your values is transparency, a creative client gift could be a see-through water bottle imprinted with a message that mentions honesty or transparency. Or if you are in the food service industry, give clients a set of steak knives along with a note telling them they’re “a cut above.”

Build trust with client gifts and more

With ideas like putting people first, practicing good listening skills, and using sales gifts for clients, your sales reps will be able to build strong, trusting relationships with customers. And that shows heart!