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Posted: December 08, 2023

Retro promotional products can help organizations tap into the magic of yesteryear while creating innovative and memorable experiences for prospects, customers and team members. And retro is back! In fact, 60% of people buy vintage items on a regular basis, whether for home decorating, sentimental value or as a retro hobby.


Timeless tributes show appreciation


Host a vintage-themed office party to foster employee connection and show appreciation. Play hit songs from the era to create an authentic ambiance. Encourage everyone to come dressed in theme for a best-dressed contest. Winners get a retro cooler stocked with old-style glass soda bottles. Toss in a few recipe cards with vintage dishes, like gelatin salad or tuna casserole.

Place a vintage design tote at each team member’s seat. Slip in some cash to use at a farmers market to fill their new tote with local produce. Or add a gift card to a local food co-op. Place a retro fountain tip pen on everyone’s desk for a nostalgic surprise start to the week.

Organize a hands-on workshop to teach a vintage skill or craft for a one-of-a-kind VIP client appreciation day. Workshop ideas include vinyl record art, vintage hairstyling or retro cocktail mixing. Give each participant a wood grain wireless speaker for a unique memento they won’t stop talking about.

Classic charisma stands out


Exhibiting at a trade show? Attract a crowd to your booth by hosting on-the-spot challenges about vintage eras or items. For example, show photos of bygone products and have people guess what they were used for. Host pinball competitions for visitors to compete against team members.

Add pizzazz to your next corporate event by making it retro-themed. Place a retro lunch box on each person’s seat as a vintage giveaway. Slip in a custom invitation to a post-event gathering at a retro diner or speakeasy. When people arrive, hand them a yo-yo as a playful memento of the evening.


Working to increase engagement? Offer old-school whirly pops to visitors who participate in a brief product demo or sign up for your mailing list. On the label, imprint a QR code that leads to a video providing an exclusive discount code as a reward for stopping at your booth.


Retro promotional products increase awareness


Boost community brand awareness with a retro block party. Set up a photo booth with vintage-inspired backdrops, costumes and props, like paper mustaches. Imprint the props with a custom hashtag for attendees to use when they share their photos on social media. Place pick-up sticks and other nostalgic games around the event. Attach a drink coupon to the bottom for a pleasant surprise.


Prepping for an upcoming product launch? Host interactive demos to create buzz and draw more interest. Gift vintage sunglasses to attendees who ask questions and actively participate. Enter them into a sunny weekend getaway raffle to keep your launch top of mind. On launch day, encourage more sales by offering the first 100 buyers square leather coasters as a vintage giveaway .


Throwback thrills foster engagement


Improve social media engagement with weekly Throwback Thursday posts. Pose a question or host a discussion relevant to your industry and the chosen era. Ask followers to like and share in exchange for a tie-dye sportpack. Surprise recipients with The Saturday Evening Post® calendar slipped inside. Include a list of industry-relevant events and employee appreciation days for them to jot on the calendar.

Increase foot traffic by running a vintage-themed art and photography contest. Host an open house to display all entries in a makeshift art gallery. Hang tie-dye throw blankets around the space to lend a vibrant retro vibe. Set up tables and serve retro cocktails to encourage people to sit and mingle after they view the art. Vintage playing cards at every table will help attendees relax and enjoy themselves even more.

Past meets present


Forge connections, evoke emotions and leave a lasting impression by incorporating retro promotional products and memorable experiences into your marketing strategies.