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Posted: June 16, 2017 | Updated: February 23, 2021

Relationship marketing—the steps you take to build strong relationships with customers—should be an important part of your business plan. It not only builds brand awareness, it also creates lifelong customers and improves the likelihood of a referral from a happy client. Useful promotional products can help as you move through the relationship building process, keeping your brand top of mind and showing customers you care.


Launch the relationship

Start your relationship off right by providing something to grab attention. Useful promotional products that help meet everyday needs will keep your brand on their mind. Make your contact information easily accessible with the Bic® 20 mil Jumbo Business Card Magnet. Introduce your organization’s values by preloading a Swing USB Drive with marketing and sales resources or helpful tools. A fidget toy and a Foam Puzzle Cube are both fun, memorable choices.

A 128 MB Clicker USB Drive.

Strengthen the relationship

Showing your customers you care about them is key to building a healthy, long-term relationship. At your next office visit, supply acrylic frames for desktop pictures, to show you’re interested in their lives outside of work. Make it easy to keep track of on-going project notes with the Windsor Reflections Notepad Clipboard. Encourage them to enjoy upcoming PTO or a vacation with the Grab N Go Sun Kit or Sunscreen Squeeze Pouch.

A purple Mercury Notebook with Stylus Pen.

Say thank you

Let customers know they matter by showing gratitude for their business. Customers will know you’re grateful—and available—when you give them a Cell Phone Power Bank or Single Port USB Car Charger and encourage them to call anytime. Or, provide the Phone Stand Ring, so they can make hands-free video calls. Invest in their development by providing a list of favorite podcasts (or a fun playlist) and the Ear Buds with Zippered Triangle Case or Soundwave Bluetooth® Speaker.

A pair of Melody True Wireless Ear Buds with Charging Case.

Encourage loyalty

Turn first-time customers into loyal customers by showing you care about their safety. Supply promotional products that highlight security, such as the Aluminum Card Case and RFID Shielded Smart Card Holder, which can stop identity thieves from stealing card information. The trusty Sonora Outdoor Multi Tool and High Sierra® Renegade Multi Tool are other useful promotional products that can build relationships and brand loyalty.

A red Aluminum Card Case.