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Posted: February 11, 2022 | Updated: February 16, 2022 3 min read

Transactional marketing focuses on maximizing sales with more one-time customers or single-point transactions, rather than working to develop repeat customers. This type of strategy can be a fast, cost-effective way to boost transactions or sales. We offer ideas to help get you started, along with some promotional marketing giveaways. With around 81% of people keeping promo items for longer than a year, your business is bound to be long remembered after the sale.


Point-of-sale promotions

With point-of-sale promotions, products and special offers are organized around the checkout counter. Place unique, attention-grabbing items at the counter and pair them with a free item (with purchase). Or if you sell online, conduct a point-of-sale promo by suggesting related products on the checkout page, and offering a bonus giveaway with purchase.

When choosing your giveaway, look for something useful, such as a kitchen towel, rain gauge, umbrella or vacuum tumbler. Or offer a few items and allow customers to choose the one they’ll find most useful.


Cross-sell and up-sell

Cross-selling occurs when a complementary product or service is offered to a customer when they buy something. For instance, if a client brings their dog to your pet spa for a bath, cross-sell a nail clipping with a free doggie toy bonus. If a person orders a drink from your smoothie bar, cross-sell a branded tumbler. If you’re operating a gym, cross-sell workout apparel or a yoga mat when someone buys a membership.

Up-selling involves selling a higher-end product or service than what the customer originally intended to purchase. For example, a housekeeping company could offer to provide garage organization in addition to house cleaning. Or a sporting goods store could up-sell a guide service when someone comes in to buy high-end camping supplies. Thank customers who take advantage of your up-sell offers with a useful gift like a cargo organizer, perfect for organizing storage spaces, trunks or camping supplies.


Cold-call and cold-email

Done right, cold-calling and cold-emailing can be highly effective. Research the potential client you want and reach out with a personalized phone script or email. Be sure to address their pain points and highlight all the ways your product or service can help.

Encourage them to get back to you by offering a marketing giveaway if they respond within a certain time. Tasty gifts, like gourmet cookie or popcorn, can sweeten the deal. Or find a gift they’re sure to find useful, like a travel blanket for traveling sales people or a utility tote for prospects in the industrial, mechanical or construction industries.



You can increase sales when you package several related products or services together and sell them as a bundle. Bundling provides an all-in-one product or service and can appeal to a broader range of customers. It also offers convenience as customers don’t have to select multiple items.

For example, a spa could create a bundle that includes a massage, a facial and a manicure. Toss in a spa wrap and scented candle to make the bundle that much more enticing. If you run an auto shop, bundle an oil change with a tire rotation. Or a car wash with an interior detail. Enter those who purchase the bundle into a drawing for prize like an emergency multi-tool or wireless car charger.


Get more transactions, fast

With ideas like cross-selling complementary products or services, bundling multiple items together and using promotional marketing giveaways, transactional marketing is effective and easy. Best of luck increasing those sales!