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Posted: July 26, 2019 | Updated: January 05, 2021

Society has become technology focused, with pay-per-click and paid social media ads becoming more popular. But using a tried-and-true advertising strategy, like direct marketing, can help you cut through the advertising clutter. Direct marketing is when you promote products and services directly to a target audience using promotional mailers or phone calls, instead of advertising through a service or platform.


Direct marketing offers a variety of benefits, including making it easier to target new customers. Direct marketing is also less expensive than working with an advertising partner. And it allows you to cater your advertising to specific clients. Direct marketing also makes calculating return on investment straightforward, so it’s easy to determine which advertising method works best. Elevate your direct marketing efforts by using promotional mailers, unique packaging and even direct mail promotional items. Here are some tips to help you put a fresh spin on your marketing.


It’s all about the details

Turn every customer touchpoint into a marketing opportunity. From invoices to follow-ups to holiday messages, use these interactions as a chance to market additional products, services or deals with promotional mailers. Small flyers, like a Rack Card, are a cost-effective way to share your additional promotion when included with an invoice. Show your appreciation for your customers by mailing a coupon with a note of gratitude. Print the coupons on a Coupon Card with Magnet. This is a great way to turn holiday wishes or just a casual hello into something more.


Make the most of it

Create a catchy tagline for your direct mailings that leaves a memorable impression. Or go for a unique presentation. Instead of sending a letter, use an oversized Post Card. Be sure to include a special deal for your target audience! Use cold calls to reach out to customers. They can be used as a service reminder, to announce a new product or to offer an exclusive discount. Every call should offer the customer value. Sweeten the deal by entering everyone who makes a purchase into a drawing for an impressive gift, like the Crossland® 20-Can Outdoor Cooler or Border Bluetooth® Speaker.


Create a memorable experience

Amazon® is known for its recognizable packaging—the smiling box is unmistakable. If your business ships products, consider a similar strategy by personalizing your packages with branded stickers. Or, seal boxes with Water Activated Reinforced Box Tape. For a fun surprise, include a Custom Temporary Tattoo featuring your logo in every box. These little details will ensure they remember your name.


Don’t forget a free gift

Sneak something special in the box with every order. These little bonuses will be a fun surprise for recipients. Choose direct mail promotional items like the Ear Buds with Interchangeable Covers or the Refresh® Clutch Water Bottle. If a customer is due to renew or reorder, remind them of your business with a small gift. The Kanga RFID Cellphone Wallet fits easily in an envelope along with a promotional flyer.


Grow your business with promotional mailers

Get in front of your audience with these direct marketing strategies. With a variety of channels to choose from, including promotional mailers, phone calls and thank-you gifts, you’re sure to find an approach that works for your brand.