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Posted: October 13, 2017 | Updated: February 23, 2021

Deciding how to use a promotional product for your next corporate event, tradeshow or marketing campaign can be tough. There are so many products to choose from and even more ways to use them. So we’re calling in the reinforcements: our customers. We love to see the creative ways our customers use their favorite promotional products. Get inspired with these ideas straight from the source.

Light up your promotional efforts

Whether you’re looking for a small takeaway or a way to say thank you, flashlights can help spotlight your brand. Flashlights come in all shapes and sizes and are useful at home and while travelling. Check out how a few customers put them to good use.

Blue translucent Super Bright Flashlights.

“We used our custom flashlights at a crime prevention event at our car wash location! They were a huge hit! The 4imprint team worked with us to get them in hand at the last minute. Thank you!”– Christina at delta sonic


Red Push Action Key Lights arranged on a table.

“We bought the keychain lights for our grand opening. Now, we give them away to our new tenants. Everyone loves them! They make a good keychain for their storage key.” – Amanda at Whirlwind Storage


A Key-Light Bottle Opener and keychain.

We have enjoyed these cool new keychains! They include a bottle opener and a flashlight. They are the perfect size and make a great promo gift.” – Ashley at Scott Wagner and Associates


Put a spin on your next promotion

The fidget spinner is all the rage—both for children and adults. These unique promotional items can help ease stress and increase focus. Plus, they’re guaranteed to get your brand noticed.

An array of Trio Fidget Spinners.

“For the past four years my company, Magic Box, has sponsored QuakeCon with equipment and IT experience. This year, we’re also bringing the fidget spinner fad in full force with our QuakeCon co-branded spinners. Everyone is already excited. We all love trade show swag!” – Eric from Magic Box


A purple Trio Fidget Spinner.

“We recently purchased the Trio Fidget Spinner for a trade show. This item was hot and went fast! I just placed another order again today and am sure I will again soon. If you are looking for the perfect giveaway, this one is it!” – Nicole from Value Payment Systems


A red Adhesive Cell Phone Wallet with pen and red Trio Fidget Spinner.

“Branding is everything when it comes to marketing. We are handing out these three items (fidget spinners, cell phone wallets and pens) at tradeshows. We want to get our brand in people’s hands, literally, and you’ve helped us do that.” – Patrick from Segrest Farms


Set up a top-notch promotional display

From table runners to trade show booths, we have big and small display options. Get inspired with these attention-grabbing ideas.

A logged Serged Closed-Back Fitted Table Cover.

“We needed new table skirts in a pinch for two events. Luckily, 4imprint® was running a two-for-one special! They look great. A tremendous improvement from the old skirts we’ve been using.” – Liesa from National Association of Enrolled Agents


Two Geometric Junior Pop-Up Tabletop Displays.

“We used our geometric popups for a REALTOR® networking event last week, and using them this week for a REALTOR® CE class at our office. Super happy with the quality!” – Desiree from Meadowbrook


Make them smile with fun promotional products

Fun promotional products are great for grabbing attention and starting a conversation. Discover how these popular promotional items left a big impression.

An array of Hammer Pencils standing in holes on a hammer.

“We ordered 2,000 multicolored hammer pencils and made this handy display to showcase the pencils. Everyone loves the double eraser feature and it resembles several other hammer tools that were used in the past, like the cocktail hammer that was used at famous restaurants of the past to summon your bartender!” – Michael from the Hammer Museum


Many blue Boogie Bots in a display.

“We set our robots up and we were told several times we had the best booth at the show! People would walk by, stop and come back. We were able to present our company several more times than we would have if it weren’t for the robots. We received many accolades for our marketing ingenuity. We will be ordering many more!” – Bonnie from Medial Equipment Solutions


Two neon green Solar Dancing Flowers.

“We’ll be using the solar dancing flower for table centerpiece giveaways at our California Collaborative Advising & Counseling Conference next year.” – Matthew from California Collaborative Advising & Counseling


Snap a picture of your best promotional items

We want to see how you swag with popular promotional items. Take a picture of your promo product, post it with the #swaggingrights hashtag on social and tell us how you used it. Then, you’ll be the one inspiring others.