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Posted: September 10, 2021 | Updated: October 18, 2021

Every day, charities across the country strive to make their communities better. And nonprofit promotional items help them achieve their goals. The following stories feature charitable organizations using 4imprint nonprofit promotional giveaway one by one® grants to provide a listening ear, offer education, keep water clean and more. If you want to feel inspired—or just love a feel-good story—read on.


Preparing students for academic success

The Heart of Appalachia Talent Search Program (HATS Program) provides extra support to middle and high school students—many of whom are low-income, first generation college-bound—to help them stay on the path to higher education. The organization used their one by one grant to create college going-away kits that included branded blankets to congratulate them on their hard work and prepare them for their upcoming academic challenges and successes.


Keeping local water clean

The mission of Partners for Clean Streams (PCS) in Toledo, Ohio, is to help community members develop “stewardship habits.” These are daily habits that help to protect the local water quality. Dedicated volunteers pick up trash along and in waterways, remove fishing lines and help protect the recreational and drinking water in the area. The organization used its grant to purchase metal straws and branded water bottles to show appreciation and help volunteers maintain good daily water habits.


Turning learners into leaders

Lynn Brown Inspires uses a variety of entrepreneurship, leadership and mentorship programs to show youth how to use their passion to make money and run a business. One of these programs, a two-week Young Entrepreneurship Summer Camp, teaches students in grades 4-12 and ages 17-25 how to create a business plan. These are then presented to guests and the community in a manner similar to TV’s Shark Tank®. To help students feel like real businesspeople, the organization used a one by one grant to give each participant a junior portfolio.


Helping women to take next steps

After 15 years battling addiction and being in and out of prison, Natasha Garcia made it a goal to get clean. She founded the New Mexico Women’s Re-entry Center (NMWRC) to help others do the same. The group uses judgement-free support groups and practical education to navigate the challenges that come with re-entering the community after incarceration. It used its nonprofit promotional item grant to purchase notepad giveaways to help spread the word about the organization.


Your organization could get a grant

Would nonprofit promotional items help your organization with its goals? If you’re employed by or serve on the board of directors of a 501(c)3 charity, accredited school or religious organization, go to onebyone.4imprint.com to find out how your organization can get in-kind nonprofit promotional giveaways.