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Posted: March 18, 2022 3 min read

Charitable organizations work hard to improve their community. And 4imprint loves to play a small part in helping by offering nonprofit promotional items through our one by one® grant program.


In the stories that follow, nonprofits turn those grants into opportunities, whether they’re educating the public or helping people with major life challenges get a fresh start. We found each of these stories both touching and inspiring—and we think you will too.

Capping off a fundraiser

The YMCA of Cumberland staff wants everyone in the community to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. But with one out of six members needing to be subsidized through the organization’s financial assistance program, the YMCA needs to fundraise to help cover the cost.


The YMCA of Cumberland partnered with a local micro-brewery to fundraise for its membership subsidy program. Participants enjoy a 6-kilometer run with a cold beer at the end, and the organization used its 4imprint one by one® grant to provide a hat to thank each participant.


Keeping parks clean

Fish Creek Provincial Park consists of more than 1,300 hectares tucked into the city of Calgary. But with more than four million visitors a year, it’s at risk of degradation. Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park Society teaches people to responsibly enjoy the area through what the organization refers to as “pop-up outreach.” Thanks to its 4imprint one by one® grant, “the Friends” were able to purchase beautiful, branded outdoor sail signs, which make the pop-up outreach stations recognizable and attention-grabbing.


Showing kindness

Silvera for Seniors helps independent older adults live their best life by offering a wide range of safe, affordable housing options. In addition to being a reputable housing provider, Silvera for Seniors provides multiple services to support the residents who call Silvera home. One way they do this is by finding small ways to encourage extra kindness. After all, one small act can make someone’s whole day.

Thanks to Silvera for Seniors’ 4imprint one by one grant, the organization was able to order tote bags imprinted with their logo and the hashtag #kindnesscounts. The bags are given to residents that employee and visitors spotted doing something especially kind.


Providing a fresh start

Whether the women are escaping unimaginable circumstances like domestic violence or they’re new adults aging out of foster care, Soroptimist International of the Tri Cities provides household supplies through its “free store” called Bea’s Kloset. Because the organization wanted to offer something to remember them by, they used a nonprofit promotional item grant from 4imprint’s one by one® program to purchase branded keychain gifts for each person’s whose life they touched.


You can receive nonprofit promotional items too

If your charitable organization is helping your community, we want to help you with a gift of nonprofit promotional items. If you’re on the board of directors or employed by a religious organization, accredited school or registered Canadian charity, go to onebyone.4imprint.ca to discover how your nonprofit can receive no-cost nonprofit promotional products.