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Posted: May 29, 2020 | Updated: January 15, 2023 4 min read

Always a marketing classic, direct mail continues to be successful.  In fact, direct mail is estimated to provide a 29% return on investment. By getting creative and finding the right mailable promotional products, there’s a good chance you’ll capture your customers’ attention. Here are four fresh ideas for innovating a traditional marketing approach with promotional mailers.


Promote webinars or virtual events

From conferences to committee meetings, a variety of events are being moved to the web. Although you may not see attendees in person, there are still ways to add a personal touch to your event. Mailable promotional products can do just that. Prepare your attendees for notetaking during your webinar with a scratch pad shipped directly to their door a week or two before the event. And a cell phone stand allows for convenient, hands-free viewing. Easily mailable, these handy items will get attendees excited for your online event.


Show gratitude with unique mailer coupons

Paper coupons are so 2010. It’s time to get creative with how you’re informing customers of upcoming deals and promotions. If you own a coffee shop, treat loyal customers to a cup of joe. Mail a branded coaster imprinted with an invite to grab a cup on you. Not only are you giving your customers an incentive to visit, you’re also providing them with a reusable surprise giveaway. Speaking of reusable gifts, we’re seeing more grocery totes and less “paper or plastic.” Branded grocery totes are lightweight and easy to ship, making them the perfect promotional mailer. Send them to customers and offer a percent off their total purchase if they use it the next time they shop. Finally, seed packets and coupon magnet cards are a unique way to send discount offers for a wide variety of businesses. Simply imprint with your logo and coupon details and pop it in the mail.


Announce new products or services

Rolling out a new product or service? What better way to inform customers than with a surprise promotional product delivered straight to their mailbox? If you’re a fitness center launching a new personal training program, there are a variety of fun, easy-to-ship items you can use to get customers excited about what’s up and coming. If you mail an item they can take to the gym, like a branded gym bag tag, you reap an added bonus—your message will be seen by more than just your customers.


Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other fun events

There’s no question about it, people love to celebrate. And there are many mailable promotional products that can help celebrate anything from birthdays to anniversaries to “National Walk Your Dog Day.” Send your customers a birthday gift that will make them feel valued, like a branded cell phone wallet or message magnet. Celebrating a milestone business anniversary? Share the love with your customers and thank them for their business with an LED flashlight or cleaning cloth. Celebrating your customers by sending a thoughtful gift will show them just how grateful you are.


Americans of all ages look forward to checking their mail every day. Imagine the excitement they’ll feel when an unexpected mailable promotional product greets them at the mailbox. Get creative with direct mail marketing and promotional mailers—you’ll see the sky is the limit! For more mailable promotions, check out our direct mail store.