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Posted: November 17, 2017 | Updated: January 07, 2021

Of all the time we spend indoors, almost 70 percent of it is spent in our home sweet home. Whether we’re spending time with family, doing household chores or sleeping, more time is spent in personal residences than anywhere else. Plus, our homes mean a lot to us. Homes make us feel safe, happy and comfortable. It’s where we go to relax and enjoy life with those we care about most. Leave impressions on customers and clients where they are at their best with these home and kitchen promotional items.

Cook up an effective promotion.

Every day, people spend more than 30 minutes cooking and prepping for meals. To keep your logo on their mind, choose a kitchen promotional product that has the potential to make daily impressions. Reduce kitchen clutter with the Multi-Use Measuring Spoon. This single kitchen tool provides four different measures in one. With a convenient magnetic backing, the Tiny Tot Magnetic Timer makes the countdown to dinnertime easy. Cut and dice on the Flex-It Cutting Board. This flexible, lightweight, easy-to-store board is perfect for transferring chopped goods to a pan or bowl. For cheese, fruits and other foods, the Palm Grate-It makes shredding and grating a cinch. Plus, it comes apart for simple clean up.

Send a clean-cut message with these kitchen promotional items.

The right tools can make cleaning up a fun chore. These kitchen promotional products make a big impression while making the scrubbing a tad more enjoyable. Get dishes and pans spotless with the Scrub Brush with Soap Holder. Easy to hold, this handy brush provides a steady supply of soap to tackle dirt and grime. When chopping strong-smelling foods, hand soap isn’t always enough to get rid of odors. The Stainless Odor Removing Bar gets hands clean and smelling fresh. Sweep up messes with the Clean-Up Brush and Dust Pan. The small size of this set makes it easy to grab for quick cleaning.

Throw a party with promotional products for the home.

From the next big get-together to a small dinner party, these products will definitely be invited to join the fun. The Sonoma Bottle Opener has a corkscrew, foil cutter and bottle opener, making this handy tool a must-have for any home bartender. When it’s potluck time, the Casserole Keeper helps keeps their hot dish hot at home or on the go. It even includes a zippered pocket for utensils or toppings. Set a hot casserole or other pan on top of the Square Absorbent Stone Trivet, which helps protect surfaces from heat and scratches. Or throw a wine and cheese party with the Three Piece Cheese Board Set. The bamboo board includes a cheese knife and a stylish inset glass cutting surface.

Raise a glass to promotional drinkware.

From tumblers to champagne glasses, you can’t go wrong with promotional drinkware. For those who own promotional drinkware, they fill it up 2-3 times a week (PDF)! A twist on a classic, the Stemless Wine Glass is elegant enough for special occasions, but convenient enough for everyday use. Raise a Glass Mug to your clients! The smaller size of this mug makes it perfect for coffee, tea or even milk. To help prevent spills at home, the pint2go® Glass Tumbler with Straw comes with a lid and straw. For tea lovers, the Tea Ball Glass Mug comes with a diffuser for the perfect cup of tea every time. This modern cup features a colorful silicone band that helps protect their hand from the heat, plus a silicone coaster to hold the diffuser.


Home is where the promotional products are!

Give away a product that makes home life even sweeter for customers and employees. With every use, kitchen promotional items will help keep your brand top of mind.