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Posted: February 12, 2021 | Updated: March 29, 2021 4 min read

There are likely countless businesses in your industry vying for customers’ attention—but there’s only one brand like yours. Having brand influence can help you gain more customers and grow your business. Brand influence can come from being transparent and by aligning your company’s values with those of your customers. Consider this: 66% of people say transparency is one of a brand’s most attractive qualities and 77% prefer to buy from companies who share their values (PDF). For more ideas on building brand influence, keep reading.

Get real on social media

Being honest on social media can cut through the clutter and make you stand out. Show your authentic self by giving a look behind the scenes. Post un-staged photos of your team working on projects. Share the birth story of your business or top product. Or introduce your team with a series of get-to-know-us videos. Encourage engagement by holding a draw for branded promo products, like a stuffed animal keychain or lip balm.

Remember, social media is supposed to be fun so don’t make every post about selling something. Balance sales content with a few educational, value-filled posts. Your audience will appreciate the fact that you’re trying to serve—not sell—them.

Show skills on video

Watching real-life people demonstrate skills and processes in your company makes you more relatable. Video can also showcase the thought and care put into your products/services. For example, a bakery could share a clip of a wedding or birthday cake being decorated. If you’re an auto repair shop, post a video of a mechanic changing oil. Or, if you’re a flower shop, share a short flower arrangement how-to video. Be sure to have employees wear company apparel, like a polo shirt or jacket, for added brand awareness.

Cross-promote with another brand

Teaming up with an area business that complements yours can work wonders to boost brand influence. It can expand your reach and put you in front of a whole new audience, ultimately sending more customers your way. It also shows your brand is trustworthy—after all, another brand is choosing to partner with you.

Co-brand your marketing materials like discount coupons, flyers and signage. This doubles your brand exposure and cuts your expenses. Or co-host a how-to or webinar series. For instance, a flooring company could partner with an appliance business to talk about kitchen remodeling. Or a fitness company and nutrition store could host a webinar about healthy living. Offer co-branded promo products, like a Multifunction Tape Measure or blender bottle, to thank people for attending

Work with minor influencers

Influencer marketing is a great way to reach new audiences and boost ROI. And you don’t have to partner with celebrities or big names to drive-up your following. Micro influencers can work just as well! Start by finding a smaller influencer who fits your target audience—even better if they are already a customer. Reach out and be transparent that you’re looking for an influencer to help you reach new audiences. If they’re game, send free products or samples for them to use and review on their social channels.

Another idea is to hold a challenge or contest for the influencer’s audience (with branded prizes for the winners). For instance, the best latte art or name that tune trivia. A coffee mug or ear buds make great prizes. Or work together to host a video series on a useful topic. For instance, a skincare company could do a series about how to get rid of acne or reduce sun damage. A branded cosmetic bag is a nice way to show appreciation to your influencer.

Easily become more influential

By being authentic on social media, showcasing your skills and processes with short video clips and cross-promoting your company with another, you can easily start increasing your brand influence.