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Posted: September 16, 2022 4 min read

Advances in technology and changing workplace practices mean more people are working from home than ever before. Maybe there are customers who have never met anyone on your team in person. Perhaps you have full-time remote employees. How can your organization provide a top-tier experience—for clients and team members—when there’s a physical distance between you? Here are four ideas plus memorable giveaways to help you connect.

  1. Personalize your approach
  2. Show genuine appreciation
  3. Focus on one-on-one interactions
  4. Go the extra mile


1. Personalize your approach

Tailoring messaging, processes and support to each customer and staff member’s needs will quickly close any distance between you. The same can be said for gifts or surprises you send them. Does an employee enjoy drawing? Gift them a colour pencil set. Is a client an avid camper? Send a cooler bag. Every time they hit the trails; they’ll see your logo.


For staff or customers who are budding chefs, a scraper/chopper will be much appreciated. If they have a furry family member who’s their best bud, a pet bandana will instantly make them feel connected to your brand.


2. Show genuine appreciation

Showing appreciation to clients and staff is a key step to help your business stay connected even if you’re thousands of miles away. Tack on a multi-tool with tape measure as an appreciation giveaway when a client makes an order. Or send out a BBQ set to loyal clients. A  bottle with loop carry lid and booney hat are perfect for people who love the great outdoors. Showing you care can help with employee retention and encourage repeat customers.


3.Focus on one-on-one interactions

Make each customer and team member feel seen, heard and understood by focusing on one-on-one interactions. Does a team member tend to stay quiet on group calls? Do individual follow-ups to give them the chance to ask questions and share insights in a space that might feel more comfortable for them. Have team members personally email clients, so they can establish a relationship.

Memorable giveaways can take these interactions to the next level. After a heartfelt conversation with an employee, hand them a lunch-to-go set and portable cutlery. They’ll think of their workplace’s genuine care every time they break for lunch. After a one-on-one meeting with a client, gift a trucker cap with cooler tote.


4. Go the extra mile

Go above and beyond to show how much you care. Offer exclusive discounts for loyal customers—the longer they’ve been with you, the bigger the discount. Recommend products based on previous purchases and what you know about a client’s needs and interests. Send appreciation giveaways, like a beautiful metal pen and snap-closure notebook, that aren’t tied to a special day or event, but instead are “just because.”

Let them take your brand home with a light-up wireless charger or an on-the-go game. From charging their phone to making memories with family, your brand will be in the centre of the action.


Span any distance

Whether your customers or staff are in different towns or across the country, these ideas and memorable giveaways can make them feel meaningfully connected with your organization.