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Posted: March 15, 2019 | Updated: January 14, 2021

For your business to reach its true potential, you need to know if what you are doing can be improved. Feedback, even if it’s negative, is essential to bettering your organization. You need to know what works—and what doesn’t—in order to best serve customers, employees, vendors and students. We’ve got survey incentive ideas to help you gain this valuable feedback.


Feedback is imperative because it:

  • Shows what contacts want and don’t want
  • Highlights what needs to be improved
  • Makes contacts feel important
  • Shows customers that their opinion matters
  • Often leads to recommendations—and more customers


Now comes the often-difficult part: Gathering that valuable and honest feedback. Surveys are a reliable resource. When designing your survey, remember that less is more when it comes to questions. They should be short and simple, allowing responders to get right to the point. Keep in mind that respondents are giving up some of their free time to answer your survey, so be sure to thank them. To make the most of your efforts, we offer survey incentive ideas for each audience you’re polling.


Employee incentives

Collecting feedback from employees shows that you value their input, which can improve productivity. In fact, managers who receive feedback from their team increased their profitability by 9 percent. Encourage employees to participate by holding a drawing with the names of all those who provided feedback in the last month. That way, you get continuous feedback. As the prize, offer an extra day of PTO, gift cards to local venues or a high-quality promotional item, such as the Slim Wireless Charging Pad or Jupiter Bluetooth® Speaker. Another option for collecting employee feedback is to schedule a team brainstorming session. That way, team members can openly discuss new ideas. As an incentive, reward the best idea-generating team with a pizza party or salad bar lunch.


Customer appreciation gifts

The easiest way to get feedback from customers is to simply ask them. Mail them a survey or do it digitally if you are able. Reacting to customer feedback is key to getting repeat business. Be sure to reach out to anyone who had a bad experience. Offer them coupons, rewards or a small customer appreciation gift. The Artisan Smartphone Wallet, for example, is a practical gift that is easy to mail. When your brand receives positive feedback, it’s just as important to say thanks. The Pocket Spray Sanitizer is sure to be used frequently. Just think of how many people will see your name!


Supplier thank-yous

Make a great business partnership even better by getting feedback from your suppliers. Checking in regularly for honest reviews shows how much you appreciate working with them. To say thanks for reviews, send over treats their whole team can enjoy. The 3-Way Popcorn Tin or the sweet-and-salty Dazzling Nut Elegance make good options. With an included pencil cup that can be enjoyed long after the candy is gone, the Beech Pencil Cup with Jelly Beans makes another thoughtful gift for suppliers.


Student incentive ideas

With full schedules, homework and extracurricular activities, students can be an especially difficult audience to track down. To persuade them to answer survey questions, add a little humor. Make it as easy as possible for them to answer questions. Design surveys that can be completed on a smartphone. That way, they can use time between classes or while commuting. For students, the best survey incentives include tech items, hats, pens, notebooks, T-shirts and, of course, food. The Neoskin Journal and Mesh Back Cap are great options.


Survey incentive ideas to get the feedback you need

From employees, customers, vendors and students, make the most of any feedback you receive to improve as an organization. With these insightful tips and survey incentives ideas, the beneficial feedback is sure to roll in. For other ideas on gathering feedback, take a look at Incentives for Survey Participation.