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Posted: April 27, 2022 4 min read

Being involved in the community is mutually beneficial for small businesses and the people they serve. Not only can companies provide value to families and community members, but the company gets an opportunity to grow its reputation and brand awareness. Plus, around 86% of business leaders believe their team expects community engagement opportunities—making it a win for business owners and staff. We provide ideas, as well as community and family giveaways, to help your company engage local patrons and prospects.


Give back with community service

Give back to the community that makes your business possible. Plan a company volunteer day. Arm your entire team with gloves and trash bags to clean up a park or beach. Organize a food or clothing drive. Or plant a community garden. Outfit participating staff in imprinted performance T-shirts or baseball caps to grow brand awareness while they give back.

Boost team morale and spread good will all over town with a kindness competition. Divide employees into teams. Make a list of good deeds, like paying for someone’s coffee and giving a stranger a genuine compliment. Start a two-hour timer. The team that completes the most acts of kindness in the allotted time wins a colorblock 5L dry bag or bamboo phone stand.


Host a family fun day

Get the whole family engaged with your brand by hosting an unforgettable family fun day. Mail invitations to homes within a certain radius of your business and invite families to stop by for a day of fun.


Set up entertaining games, like wooden ring toss. Place Oversized Playing Cards and puzzles on tables. Host a raffle where people enter their contact information for a chance to win community giveaways, like Glacier Bags and first-aid kits.


Provide a BBQ buffet or bring in a couple food trucks and an ice-cream truck to keep people happily fed. Be sure to have plenty of staff and company literature available so attendees can learn all about your company’s offerings.


Partner with local schools

The next generation is a priceless investment. Schools are always doing more with less and constantly need more supplies. Donate zip totes (imprinted with your company logo) filled with Pencil And Eraser Packs, Flexible Mood Rulers and other in-demand supplies. You can involve staff and customers by holding a school supply drive at your business too. School administrators will be thrilled to receive your generous gift of bags stocked with useful items.


Round up team members who are interested in volunteering in a classroom. Whether they’d like to read to young students or prepare a presentation about your business on career day, your team is sure to inspire young learners with their gift of time. Give volunteers something tangible to leave behind, like a fun sticker imprinted with your company logo.

Create a community space

Open an unused office and offer its use to professionals, entrepreneurs and other community members. Whether they use the space to meet with clients, hold a board meeting or host a book club, local community members are sure to appreciate your generosity.


Make your designated “community space” warm and welcoming with beautiful ceramic mugs and fresh-brewed coffee and tea, a stocked mini fridge, Leather Coasters and an always-full Milk Chocolate S’mores Tin.


Bond with your neighbors with community and family giveaways

With ideas like creating a welcoming space for entrepreneurs, donating to local schools and providing community giveaways, your business will easily create a wonderful reputation all around town. Good luck!