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Posted: November 20, 2020 4 min read

Happy employees are productive employees. And keeping your workforce happy doesn’t have to be difficult. By offering encouragement, giving praise and providing employee giveaways, you can have employees who feel happy about coming into work—and get more done in less time. When those employees talk to family and friends about their work environment, they’ll surely discuss the positive culture and enjoyable workplace you’ve created.


Follow the Golden Rule

The saying “Treat others like you want to be treated” is truer than ever in the workplace. To help make your workplace a happy place, greet employees with a smile and a cheery “Good morning,” offer praise when due—and constructive feedback to remedy mistakes—and ask them about their personal lives. For instance, ask how their kids’ extracurricular activities are going or how their newfound hobby is coming along.

Surprise gifts (either left on their desk or sent to remote workers) are always a nice gesture. Consider a new set of earbuds or a colorful mouse pad just because. Or offer a free lunch to those working extra hard to crush a deadline. You could order in for on-site associates or arrange delivery to remote staff. Create a happy atmosphere by surprising employees with something you too would appreciate.


Consistently give praise

People love to know their efforts are appreciated. Giving praise for even the simplest things boosts morale and helps staff take pride in their work. Saying “thank you,” even for things expected of them—like meeting a deadline—goes a long way toward making the workplace a happy place. Celebrate milestones (both company and individual) together. Anniversary gifts, like a company branded watch, says you appreciate their years of service. And a jacket is the perfect employee giveaway idea for associates who worked together to close a big sale.


Encourage family time

Letting employees know you understand the importance of work-life balance can have a big effect on workplace happiness. Encourage them to take some time off to spend with family by holding random drawings for an extended lunch or afternoon off. Associates will appreciate the extra time to attend their child’s school activity, have lunch with their spouse, or leave early for the weekend. Since company holiday parties and other family-friendly gatherings may not happen for a while, send staff home with something they can enjoy as a family, like a fun game or tower of chocolates.


Connect the dots

Sometimes it’s not clear to employees how their individual tasks benefit the company as a whole. Connecting those dots is worth its weight in gold when it comes to seeing the bigger picture and achieving job satisfaction. Display company progress as well as individual achievements on a bulletin board or online announcement board for all to see. When a project is successfully completed, send out an announcement that names each person involved. Be sure to regularly celebrate individual departments and share how they help keep your company running smoothly. For instance, hang a “Department of the month” banner in a different area of the company each month. You can decorate it with celebration twist and fringe. Make sure it highlights the department’s people, their contributions and their accomplishments. Ordering in donuts or bagels is a nice touch too.

By demonstrating sincere thought and care for your workforce, encouraging them to spend time away from work with their families, and handing out employee giveaways, you can make your workplace a happy place.