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Posted: April 13, 2017 | Updated: March 10, 2021

When we want the best ideas about how to use promotional products, we just listen to our customers. They are the true experts, because they have a seemingly unlimited number of ideas for successful marketing.

Promotional products can be used in many ways: To say thanks, to impress a client or even as a little gift at an event or celebration. Here are some other great ideas from our customers:

Office organizing essentials: Plastic envelopes for customer documents and binders for training manuals

“Before 4imprint, we used a 9″ by 12.5″ paper envelope to make our trailer packets. They were big and bulky, and hard to manage with no real space to keep them in. Now, we are able to enclose all the necessary paperwork in this smaller document holder with snap closure, and it fits very nicely in a glove compartment. Thank you for helping us add user-friendly packets to our procedures.” – Heather at Cimarron Trailers

Small plastic packet filled with promotional keychains, booklets and brochures


“We use this notebook as a promo product for customers as well as for a training manual for our salesmen.” – Maggie at Weathercraft Co.

Notebook with logo


College campus tips: Think green with aluminum water bottles and unite with T-shirts!

“We (and the presenters/guests) were very happy with the water bottle for our on-campus symposium event at CSU. Front Range Student Ecology Symposium saw everybody using our beautiful water bottles all day long, which saved us the cost and disposal of plastic/paper cups!” – Carolina at Colorado State University

Blue metal water bottle with pamphlet


“This product was given to our students in the University of Tennessee Lead Summer Institute 2016 cohort. Students are chosen via interview for this selective program. We select 40 incoming first-year students to begin college life during the summer instead of the fall!” – Destiny at University of Tennessee

Group of students outside in parking lot in front of trees


Gift bags for resort guests and holiday goodies!

“We use your products to give a little more of a personalized touch to our guest gift bags. Guests love it and so do we!” – Stephanie at Wyndham Boca Raton

White coaster, brown paper bag and blue water bottle with straw


“We loved the product! We used to the bags as gift bags for a 2016 holiday event and it was a hit. They were nice looking and sturdy. Inside they held a water cup, coffee and a beach towel.” – Luis at Sofidel

White paper gift bags with blue tissue paper inside


Employee coffee mugs and bandanas for pugs!

“We bought these mugs as a part of our kitchen/break room remodel. We bought enough for everyone in the office, as well as some extra for visiting customers in our conference room. They have been very well received thus far. The logo holds up extremely well in our dishwasher and the interior color matches our logo almost perfectly!” – Rachel at VSM 

Coffee maker and black and red coffee mug


“We just placed a reorder of this product to prepare for our second year running our National Pet Month campaign, ‘Paws for a Cause.’ We encouraged our clients to share pictures with us of their pets wearing the bandana, which we then shared on our social media pages. The goal was to raise awareness for a local animal rescue, which also shared some photos of their dogs wearing the bandanas. We raised some money for them and look forward to doing the same this May!” – Agatha at Advantage Payroll Services

Brown dog with red bandana