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Posted: January 29, 2021 | Updated: February 16, 2021 3 min read

Right now, many customers feel safer having less in-person contact with businesses, which means companies need to think outside the box when it comes to marketing. In-person events like trade shows and luncheons, or even simply leaving coffee and cookies out for customers, may now be avoided. We have some easy ways to incorporate contactless marketing in your business plan.


Think digital

Lots of companies already promote deals via email and engage with customers on social media. This encourages interaction and engagement while saving valuable time and resources. With the push for contact-free interactions, it’s time to step up your digital game. Incorporate QR codes into your marketing. Imprint them on your products, Post-it® business cards or stickers to:

  • Send customers to a specific landing page
  • Provide exclusive discounts and promos
  • Send a personalized message specific to the product you are promoting

Give customers an experience

Experiential marketing works by creating a customer encounter that evokes a memorable emotion or reaction. Keep it contact-free by placing removable floor stickers to create a mini “adventure” for your audience while leading them to a particular promo in your store. For example, if you’re running a promo on camping gear, you can use floor stickers that look like foot prints to lead customers to that section of the store. Or transform your store into a memorable experience. If you’re a craft store that sells greenery and flowers, you could create multiple displays of bouquets, arbors and centerpieces throughout the store. This is a tangible way to show your audience the different things they can do with your products—all without coming into contact with customers.

Go outside

Set up small yard signs to catch the attention of joggers and walkers. Use outdoor sail signs to grab attention from people driving past your business. Outdoor signs act like silent salespeople, continuously reminding passersby what you offer and how you can help them. Outdoor signage is also a great way to promote special, time-sensitive deals that create urgency and bring in extra visitors.


Give away gifts with purchases

Giving out gifts with a purchase can add brand value, encourage repeat sales and help boost brand loyalty. When thinking about what kind of gifts to give, make it personal. Offer snazzy socks to go with a new pair of shoes. Other ideas include:

  • Billboard magnets when they purchase a new dish set or kitchen accessory
  • Stick-up calendars to hang in their office when they purchase a keyboard or desktop organizer
  • Car sunshades with an accessory purchase, like seat covers or floor mats

Gifts also promote your business to anyone who sees them (completely contact-free) while reminding your customers of your name.

No contact? No problem.

With ideas like incorporating QR codes, creating unique customer experiences and giving out gifts with purchases, you can easily include contactless marketing in your business strategy.