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Posted: February 19, 2021 4 min read

If your business has had to cancel or change an event in the last year, you’re not alone. Worldwide, many conferences, tradeshows and other events have been canceled, postponed or transformed into virtual events. This has caused more than 83 million attendees to change their plans. Even without in-person events, you can still connect and build relationships thanks to these backup marketing plans and customer giveaway ideas.



Coupons are incredibly versatile. They’re a fantastic way to engage your audience because people love a good deal. If you’re looking to get more in-store visits, give each customer a reusable shopping tote that they can bring in to get a discount. If you’re looking promote a certain product or service, send a postcard imprinted with a special offer. Or if you’re looking to attract new customers, imprint an offer on a Post-it® and attach to sales flyers, business cards or even car windshields so your message will stick in their minds.



If your event is canceled, you may have money left over in your budget. Use it to send clients a themed customer giveaway kit. Chances are your audience is working remotely, at least part of the time. Put together a work-from-home kit with items like wireless ear buds, a pair of comfy socks and a bag of coffee. Tuck in an invite for a virtual cup of joe.

Lots of people are trying DIY home improvement projects. If your company is in the business of helping people with these endeavors, create a kit that includes a screwdriver set, work gloves and a reminder to contact your company if they need advice. If you deal with health and wellness, pack a kit with nutrition tips, an infuser bottle and an invite to a wellness webinar.



If you normally connect with customers by handing out giveaways at events and conferences, mail them instead. Items like lip moisturizer or a coffee mug show customers you’re still thinking of them—despite the change in plans. Tuck in an invite to give your company a call. Or follow up to make sure they got your gift and then ask for a virtual meeting to discuss how your business can help them solve their pain points. Take it to the next level by sending items in eye-catching packaging like a poster board box. For more ideas on how to make your package stand out, check out “How to brand packaging to actively promote your business.”



Canceled events don’t have to mean canceled face time. Send them something yummy to snack on along with an invite for a video call. A casual conversation over premium treats can pave the way for a future working relationship. Some tasty popcorn can have them hungry to learn more about your business. Send a hot chocolate and a mug to warm up leads.


Rely on more than one marketing idea

With multiple backup plans and customer giveaway ideas like coupons, themed kits, and tasty treats—you’ll be able to connect with potential customers even without attending in-person events.