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Posted: September 08, 2023 3 min read

When the wind blows and snowflakes fall, it’s time to cozy up with cold-weather giveaways. Promo products are people’s favorite type of advertising (PDF), which means cold-weather giveaways may be the best way to warm up people to your brand. Use these frosty-friendly winter giveaway ideas for inspiration.

Warm them from the inside out

Tasty treats never go out of style. Stuff vacuum bottles with hot chocolate kits. Surprise employees with this warming gift to start their week off right. Or leave them behind after meeting with prospects to make a flavorful impression.

Give snowflake vacuum tumblers with rice cereal and marshmallow treats to customers who buy during a special promo. Or donate them to healthcare workers as a gesture of goodwill and appreciation. You could also present them to first-time clients as a surprise and delight item that’ll make a powerful impression.

Bundle up and bond

Strengthen your relationships with vendors and partners by sending them classic cuff beanies before a trade show or event. Offer to promote their organization in exchange for their team sporting the beanies for a social pic.

Cozy microfleece pullovers and knit gloves are perfect prizes for a referral program. Customers and team members will feel even more loyal to your organization and be excited to refer friends and family.

Taking your employees outside for some adventurous team building? Or preparing for an outdoor event that requires durable gear? Quilt lined overalls will last through wind, snow, rain and cold.

Provide the heat

Give back to the community by hosting cold-weather safety workshops. Invite local first responders to talk about how to stay protected when temperatures fall. Provide emergency cold-weather giveaways for participants, like hand warmer kits and reflective vests, to keep in the car.

Align your brand with a meaningful purpose by giving to a local charity. Every time a product or service is purchased, donate a sherpa plush blanket or cold weather set (scarf, gloves and beanie in a drawstring bag). If appropriate, give in honor of the customer whose purchase made the donation possible.

Show cozy appreciation

Dedicate a day to showing gratitude to customers. Invite them to your store or office for an appreciation open house. Gift the first several people who walk through your doors an ice scraper mitt. Attach a coupon or discount code to really warm their hearts. Delight their taste buds with delicious shortbread cookies, hot cocoa, coffee and tea.

Hold prize drawings throughout the day to keep people engaged. Cutter and Buck® puffer jackets are high-end winter giveaway ideas that show how your organization goes the extra mile. In the pocket, slip a list of fun cold-weather activities, like the best sledding or ski hill or how to make snow ice cream. Hand out hot chocolate bombs and travel mugs as door prizes.

Give toasty treasures

From tasty treats to cozy apparel, the right cold-weather giveaways can hit the spot for prospects, customers and team members, making your brand the hottest one around.