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Posted: May 20, 2022 4 min read

Local businesses provide jobs, give back to the community and support nearby initiatives. Approximately 91% of people say they are proud to live in an area with several small businesses. And 88% think being a small business owner is profession worth aspiring to. We offer four ways to use small business giveaways to celebrate and promote shopping local.

4 ways to celebrate local

  1. Support neighbouring businesses
  2. Advertise your local business
  3. Host a shop local challenge
  4. Create an exclusive product or service



1. Support neighbouring businesses

Display business cards from other local companies at your counter. Or find a local business to partner with and encourage your customers to shop there too. When a customer shows a receipt from the other business, give them a Grip-It Luggage Identifier as a show of appreciation. No matter where your customers go this summer, they’ll remember how your brand celebrated and supported neighbouring local businesses. For customers who spend more than a certain amount, give them a 3-Piece Cheese Board Set. It’ll display your brand name and make recipients feel like chefs in their own kitchen. And be sure to support your local businesses by liking, sharing and engaging with them on social media.

You can support local nonprofits in addition to small businesses. Collaborate with a neighboring charity on a fundraiser or to raise awareness. Or donate something useful, like Tag Along Collapsible Pet Bowls or Reflective Pet Collar Tags, to your local pet shelter.


2. Advertise your business

The more local people who know who you are and what you do, the more business you can generate. Ask employees and loyal supporters to display a Corrugated Plastic Yard Sign at their homes. Or set up Value Outdoor Banners at local sports games and community events.

Hand out free Billboard Magnet giveaways to customers when they make a purchase. They’ll display your brand name and logo in their home or office, keeping you top of mind and spreading the word to all who enter their space. Draw attention to your building with Outdoor Sabre Sail Signs. They’ll snag the attention of anyone passing by.

3. Host a shop local challenge

Challenge your community to shop local with a social media challenge. Focus on a specific industry—like local farms/foods or local home supply. Customers who share a picture of their purchase get a customer giveaway, like a Wi-Fi Smart Bulb Socket. Simply connect the socket into any regular light socket, add a light bulb and, voila—they can control the light from their smartphone.


Host a cookoff and ask chefs to prepare a locally sourced meal that people can taste and vote on. Challenge other businesses to choose local when shopping for supplies or services. Ask participants to submit receipts for entry into a prize draw for a small business giveaway, like a double-wall stainless steel vacuum bottle, wireless headphone ear warmer or chocolate sunflower seeds.


4. Create an exclusive product or service

Print T-shirts or ball caps with a message that encourages celebrating local businesses, and use them as a customer giveaway with each purchase. Drive even more sales by promoting the giveaway on social media. Or invite people to stop at your store for an after-hours open house, complete with your brand’s own signature drink (named after your company, of course).


Raffle off themed baskets filled with useful items. A picnic basket that helps keeps food and beverages insulated is the perfect companion when making fun memories. Fill the basket with BBQ utensils and an oversized picnic blanket for plenty of outdoor fun.


Put local front and center

With all sorts of ideas, from collaborating with a local nonprofit to hosting a shop local challenge to using small business giveaways, celebrating local is easy and exciting!