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Posted: July 19, 2019 | Updated: January 05, 2021

A good brand mascot is instantly recognizable and unforgettable. Think the Pillsbury Doughboy®, Planters’ Mr. Peanut® and the Michelin Man®. Even if you’re a small business, you can make a big impact with a mascot. Mascots can create an emotional connection with your audience and even help start conversations.


When choosing a mascot, consider using an adorable animal or something related to your community. Or get the public involved by hosting a contest to choose a mascot. Once you have the perfect mascot, spread the word with these tips and branded giveaways.


Walking billboards


Print a picture of your memorable mascot on the high-quality Threadfast Ultimate Blend T-Shirt and let your customers spread your message everywhere they go. Whether your mascot is adorable, funny or simply eye-catching, your messaging will make multiple impressions each time someone wears your custom shirt.


If your mascot has a recognizable accessory, such as sunglasses or a funny hat, sell them as promotional items or give them to customers. For example, the brightly colored Risky Business Sunglasses and Flat Bill Foam Trucker Hat are fun ways to dress your mascot and customers.


A spitting image


Encourage customers to take your mascot home by creating a stuffed-animal copy, like the Wild Bunch Lion or Mascot Beanie Cow. Or, print your mascot on a Static Decal for customers to hang in their home or office windows. Once your mascot is a fan-favorite, give it a personal product line. Customers can show their loyalty by purchasing toys, window clings or even stuffed keychains—like the Wild Bunch Keychain Alligator.


Community connections


A great way to make personal connections is by attending community events. Give the public a chance to meet and take pictures with your mascot at local parades, festivals, games and more. At parades, have your mascot throw Zing Ring Flyers for bystanders to catch. Foam #1 Hands make great giveaways at sports games. Or, choose a popular tech item, like a Phone Stand Ring, to give to festival attendees.


Don’t forget to encourage event guests to share pictures of your mascot on social media using a custom hashtag!


Good times


The best way to create personal and memorable connections is by bringing joy to all who meet your mascot. So have fun! At events, encourage attendees to pose for selfies with your mascot, or have the mascot photobomb group pictures. Have your mascot do fun tricks to draw people in. Tag and share any social posts that feature your mascot. To encourage attendees to post, offer a prize, such as a Selfie Stick with Pouch, to whoever gets the most likes and shares.


Make surprise appearances around town or at client offices. Take along giveaways that will really make people’s day, like the Pilot® G-knock Gel Pen. Include your mascot in short videos and post them to your website or on social media. They can help increase views by providing comic relief. Plus, it will encourage future views as followers return to see more closeups of your company character.


Make a memorable mascot


Characterize your brand in a fun and unforgettable way with a company mascot. With the right personality and branded giveaways, customers and prospects will easily recognize and remember your name.