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Posted: April 21, 2023 | Updated: May 10, 2023 3 min read

You may have heard it takes just 7 seconds to form a first impression about someone—and those impressions begin to form after mere milliseconds. While a person’s facial expressions, body language and tone of voice can impact what type of first impression they make, other characteristics, such as confidence, professionalism and preparedness, can score big points during a first encounter.


Start relationships with new employees, board members and more off on the right foot with the best giveaway ideas to make an outstanding first impression.


New hires

Onboard new associates with professional giveaways that put your organization’s best face forward. Help them feel like valued members of the team from day one with promotional apparel, like pullovers or polos, they can wear to the office or at teambuilding events. Put together a gift basket with a backpack, travel mug and office supplies to stock their desk. Include a welcome card signed by the rest of the team for a personalized touch. Go the extra mile by asking team members to jot down a bit of advice to help new employees succeed.


Board members

Welcome new board members with memorable promotional giveaways that stand out. Invite them to a professional luncheon, and present them with an attractive desk clock they can display on their mantel or bookshelf. For their first meeting, place a handsome imprinted padfolio along with a glass water bottle at their seat. Or invite them to meet the team and present them with a welcome gift that contains a team T-shirt, some tasty treats, a gift card for a favorite coffee shop and a note of thanks for their service.


Trade show attendees

Creating a positive first impression on the trade show floor is a crucial way to stand out from the crowd. Do it right with promotional gifts that are useful and multifunctional. Offer a tote so attendees can store their swag, and hand out collapsible carabiner bottles that can be clipped to the front of the tote. For a cool trade show gift attendees are sure to love, a roomy flip-open cooler is perfect for taking lunch to work or for carrying snacks and drinks on a hike, to the park or at the pool. Throw in a reusable cutlery and straw set for a practical gift that will leave a long-lasting impression.


Prospective clients

The first impression you make on prospective clients can determine if you land a contract or a sale. It can also impact your relationship for years to come. Start on a strong note with promo products that show your organization is a valuable partner in reaching their goals. Mini wireless speakers or wireless ear buds make great leave-behinds that show your company is there to listen and learn about all their pain points. Show prospective clients how you can alleviate those pain points by inviting them to tour your facility and meet the team. Leave a lasting impression with professional giveaways, like a notebook with pen or daily planner, so they can take notes and jot down helpful contact information.


Create positive feelings from the get-go

Whether you’re wooing potential clients or welcoming new employees, the best giveaway ideas will stick in their minds and leave a positive first impression.