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Posted: June 17, 2022 | Updated: August 14, 2023 4 min read

Ninety-five percent of people say integrity is one of their organization’s values. No matter what your organization faces, maintaining high standards of integrity boosts morale and workplace satisfaction. It also grows your brand reputation and bottom line because customers are more likely to refer business your way. We offer ideas (including appreciation giveaways) to help you instill integrity in your organization.


1. Promote company values

Train your team to live by your organization’s values in their daily work and client communication. Display company values on an Indoor retractable banner. Move the banner around now and then to keep it fresh and attention-grabbing. Give each team member a wireless charging desk clock or desk clock imprinted with one or two of your company’s core values. Every time associates check the time, they’ll be reminded of what your business stands for and why.

Be sure to reward team members who showcase your values and go above and beyond for customers. When you “catch” someone practicing one of your company values, give them a classic desk mug as an appreciation giveaway. Imprint mugs with different values and distribute them based on the value you saw being demonstrated.


2. Encourage transparency

Lead by example when it comes to being open and honest. If you’ve made a mistake, be upfront about it. Explain what happened and the steps you will take to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Offer a token of apology, like a Picnic Basket Cooler or cheese set. If you didn’t catch your mistake—and a customer brings it to your team’s attention—respond quickly and listen to understand. Ask the customer what can be done to make amends and follow through. Once the issue is resolved, send the customer a box of candy to thank them for taking the time to share their experience.

Train staff on transparency with role-playing exercises. Have one team member play an unsatisfied customer while the other team member handles the situation openly and honestly. Give staff tri-blend T-shirts imprinted with a phrase like “Do the right thing” or “Integrity above all else” as a fun training giveaway to thank them for their effort. They can wear this durable T-shirt all summer long, reminding them of your brand and its commitment to transparency.


3. Follow through on promises

Ensure promises are carried out by clearly defining each team member’s roles and responsibilities. After all, when everyone’s responsible, nobody is responsible—people tend to assume “someone else” will take care of it. When team members are outlining projects, make sure they specify who is responsible for what task and by when. A monthly planner or desktop calendar with vinyl corners can help them keep track of their schedule. Avoid overcommitting and keep things realistic by reminding staff they only have so many hours in a day. Hold daily traffic meetings to help prioritize projects so nothing falls through the cracks.

Reward team members who always complete their tasks on time with a camping folding wagon. From parties to camping trips to backyard bonfires, staff can use their folding wagon countless times to hold and transport supplies. An extra day of vacation is another great reward idea.


4. Give credit where credit is due

Whether credit is due to a team member, client or vendor—give credit where credit is due. If a staff member carried most of the weight of a project, reward them with words of affirmation and a gift, such as a Sports Duffel Bag or cast iron braiser with glass lid. A stylish lunch bag cooler is a memorable appreciation giveaway to thank those team members who are always pitching in extra to help.

Do you have a vendor who went above and beyond to make sure a deadline was met? Take the time to write an online review or testimonial. And share your company’s success with its clients. After all, if it wasn’t for them, your business would cease to exist. Send an appreciation gift, like a Graze Wood and Metal Wine Set, after completing a big project. If a specific client went above and beyond to contribute to a project’s success, write a letter to their company’s CEO to let them know how bright their staff member shines.


Build a strong reputation with help from appreciation giveaways

With ideas like promoting company values, following through on promises, and giving appreciation giveaways, you can easily create a strong brand reputation known for its integrity.