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Posted: March 14, 2024 | Updated: April 01, 2024 3 min read

As we approach Teacher Appreciation Week, held May 6-10, it’s the perfect time to spotlight the incredible influence educators have on our lives. The average teacher impacts thousands of students over the course of their career. And there are countless creative, heartfelt appreciation gifts for teachers to show them just how much they mean.

1. A week of surprises


Kick off each day of Teacher Appreciation Week with a small, unexpected surprise. Begin with a motivational note on Monday, a flower planter gift set on Tuesday and a healthy snack, like a granola bar and bottle of water, on Wednesday.

On Thursday, give a book related to their interests along with a coloring bookmark. Wrap up the week with a confetti travel tumbler and a smoothie bar. This daily dose of appreciation will keep the smiles coming all week long.

2. Self-care packages


Teachers give so much of themselves to nurture the minds of their students. Give back with appreciation gifts for teachers that promote self-care. Assemble a care kit that includes a yoga mat, bamboo oil diffuser, essential oils and a soft throw blanket. Tuck their wellness items into a heavyweight tote imprinted with a message of appreciation, like “Teachers make the world a better place.” These thoughtful gifts encourage teachers to relax and take a moment for themselves.

3. Tech tools


Technology plays a pivotal role in education. Gift your teachers tech tools that can help enhance their teaching experience. A stylus pen lets them quickly switch between paper and digital work, while a smiling charging cable keeps them happily powered up. Really make an impression by including a paid subscription to a favored educational platform they can use all year.

Organization is a teacher’s best friend. Some of the best teacher appreciation gifts are those that help keep their space neat and orderly. An organization portfolio keeps important notes handy and in one place. A utility tote is perfect for storing everything from scrap paper to spare pencils and other supplies. A few power clips always come in handy for keeping papers, coupons or lists together. Make their day by clipping one to a gift card to a favorite school supply store.

4. Professional development opportunities


The best teacher appreciation gifts are ones that invest in their growth and support their aspirations. Sponsor attendance at a workshop, seminar or conference related to their area of expertise. Or provide resources for an online course they’ve shown interest in. Present their registration by slipping it inside a stylish journal and include a gel pen they can use to take notes.

5. Community service project


Organize a community service project in honor of your teachers. Choose a cause or organization that’s close to the heart of your school community and dedicate a day of service to it. Involve students, parents, teachers, staff and the community. Equip educators with a pair of sunglasses and a hoodie or T-shirt, along with a school-branded tumbler to keep them hydrated. Imprint a short message of teacher appreciation to remind everyone what this day is all about.

Give back with appreciation gifts for teachers


With these thoughtful gift ideas, it’s easy to make Teacher Appreciation Week a truly special occasion. Here’s to celebrating the remarkable difference educators make in students’ lives every day.