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Millennials: Our future leaders of tomorrow

Born between 1982 and 2004, Millennials are on track to account for 50 percent of the workforce by the year 2020. This educated, tech-savvy generation is creative, passionate, enthusiastic and collaborative. But Millennials are oftentimes misunderstood. In comparison with generations that have preceded them, Millennials are known to:

• Have less workplace loyalty;
• Demand greater flexibility and feedback; and
• Not connect with traditional corporate benefits.

This video discusses ways to bridge the gap between Millennials and other generations while offering organizations tips on developing a workplace culture that appeals to this future generation of leaders:

Number one: Pool your talent. Each generation brings something unique to the table. Maximize the impact by creating inter-generational teams while being realistic about potential generational tensions and group differences.

Number two: Provide fast feedback. Millennials have grown accustom to instant feedback. Consider weekly meetings, monthly reviews and micro raises to keep nourishing this generation with the feedback it craves.

Number three: Chart the course. Showing Millennials their potential for growth, how to accomplish goals and get promoted helps satisfy this generation’s drive to make things happen and get results. Provide short-term career maps, charted salary projections and goal-reaching plans.

Number four: Motivate with Millennials in mind. Millennials don’t always connect with traditional corporate benefits. The way to a Millennial’s heart is best achieved through flexibility, ownership, creativity and achievement of work/life balance.

Number five: Champion growth. Personal growth is important to Millennials. Help champion their growth with training and mentoring, the chance to lead and the opportunity to serve.

And number six. Be flexible: Millennials work best with flexibility. Offer clear direction and deadlines, but with the opportunity to self-schedule and flex time.

To gain a better understanding of Millennials in the workplace, check out our Millennial Blue Paper, podcast and infographic at info-dot-four-imprint-dot-com.

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