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| Updated: September 30, 2020

Instead of counting the number of followers, brands are now being asked to consider how influencers can help spread the brand’s message. Influencers have expertise, credibility and reach; they know a lot about a topic and know the right people to influence on that topic. They, ultimately, can be a key component of your overall marketing strategy.

Inundated with traditional advertisements, consumers are hungry for authenticity. They want connections with people and prefer peer recommendations over branded content. Businesses that embrace influencer marketing have increased their conversion rate by at least 3 to 10 times and show no signs of slowing down. Traditional advertising alone won’t deliver results for your businesses anymore.

This Blue Paper® will provide the history of influencer marketing, describe influencers, discuss their effect on marketing, and outline how marketers and entrepreneurs can tap into influencers’ expertise to boost brand awareness.


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