4imprint, LLC

| Updated: September 08, 2021

Today is the day and it’s your time to shine! The time spent on the fast-paced expo floor can not only be very busy, but also fun and productive. Watch part five of our trade show planning video series to learn one of Jen’s most important guidelines for the day of the show. Plus, get tips on how to maximize the effectiveness of your promotional products, social media presence and audience interactions.


One of the most important things in your booth is to not be on your cell phone the entire time. Keep your cell phone there, put it behind the display. You don’t need it out all the time unless you’re scanning people. It’s not approachable when people are not paying attention and giving you eye contact. So even if you’re doing something work-related, people passing by do not realize that.

We will give a promotional product, a giveaway, to anyone that’s coming to our booth. But it’s also a teaser to bring people in, so you can scan their badge, you can get their information. They can drop a business card into a contest, and that way you have their contact information, you can follow up after the show.

It’s important to find out why people are there, what are their needs. While we want to tell everyone what we do and explain our business or our product, we really need to find out what they need. How can we help them? And see where you fit into their business. We do use social media during the shows and sometimes we’ll run contests, where you can post something out there and draw people to your booth during the show. So even if they visited you they’ll come back and you have another chance to connect with that customer.

Making notes during the show about samples you need to send, information you need to send, people you need to contact, make good notes. It’s very easy to forget what you were thinking, your train of thought, but if you make really good notes, later on you can go back right after you return and take care of everything and contact those people.