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| Updated: September 09, 2021

Resolving to grow your business this year?

Our merchant Moriah breaks down the top five promotional product trends of 2020, starting with sustainability. As more and more employees transition to working remotely, meet their needs with a useful giveaway. And make a great impression with higher-quality, stylish items they’ll love.



Hey, it’s Moriah. Well, the new year is the perfect time to freshen up your marketing strategy. So, stayed tuned as we run down our Top 5 Promotional Product Trends for 2020.

#1: Reusable Straws.
Reusable straws are a portable and reusable daily-use item, that meet a need as single-use plastics fall out of favor. Reusable straws minimize waste and research has even shown that 88% of consumers will be more loyal to companies dedicated to environmental concerns, like this one.

#2: Webcam Covers.
With nearly half of employees working remotely once per week, webcam use has spiked in the business world. Additionally, studies show that people look at their phones an average of 52 times per day.

#3: Soft Touch.
Soft touch refers to a satiny matte finish on everything from pens to travel mugs. The rubberized coating is durable and more comfortable to hold. This is a trend you have to feel to fully appreciate.

#4: Upgraded Travel Mugs and Bags.
People use bags and travel mugs daily, and they have even more staying power with stylish colors, patterns and materials that look like they could have come right from your favorite retail store. For drink-ware, dual-wall stainless steel is a sure winner, especially with laser-engraved or full-color logos. Camp mugs have been taking off with their nostalgic speckled designs and rustic vibes. Bags generate over 3,000 impressions in their lifetime, and those with modern fabrics and adventure-ready styles look more like fashion accessories than promotional items.

#5: Name Brands.
Investing in name brand items is the sure-fire way to impress. Co-branding with famous names that people already know, reinforces your brand and signals even greater value. You can be confident in the quality and recognition such an association brings. There you have it, The Top 5 Promotional Product Trends of 2020. We’d love to get your take on these trends and what you think is going to be big for the next year, so let us know in the comments.